Silver Models is a scam

Getting Scammed by Silver Models

My daughter is 12 years old and she always wanted to do modelling, So I decided to have a look into it. I came across Silver Models and registered with them, they phoned me back within 3 hours of me doing registration form and was really friendly and helpful. They said the best way to get my daughter Olivia into modelling was to attend a photo shoot which they would organise but for them to do all this and registered Olivia with their agency I needed to pay a fee of £300, they said they would then said me documents containing receipt of payment and booking of Studio. I reluctantly paid the fee it was a lot but i knew it meant a lot to my daughter, i paid via card and received the promised email within minutes so that made me relax. We attend the shoot and took our booking form but once the shoot was over I had the shock of my life, they asked me to pay the bill for shoot and for any images we wanted, the shoot was £500 and images £800, i knew i would be buying images but i thought Silver Models organised the shoot, the photo studio was very kind and allowed me to ring silver models. On calling silver models they explained that all the details was in documents they had sent and I had signed, in small print it said silver models take a payment for advice and organising of shoot but do not pay for any shot costs or booking of jobs, it was in the paperwork all along but in very small print. So I had been scammed on the phone they said much different and in documents said alot different, i was stupid to not have read paperwork but Silver models had been so helpful and had rung me several times with advice and support, i just didnt doubt doubt their honesty. They are liars, they cost me a fortune and really ruined what was a lovely day. DO NOT pay them anything or work with them, you are only paying for some basic phone advice and that is it, they do nothing to help you. Word of advice never pay anything without researching and always read any contracts!! There are some great modelling advice companies out there but Silver models is not one!

UR Models

UR Models – Modelling agencies and how they work

Knowing how modelling agencies work will not only benefit your knowledge, help you crack into the industry but also give you all options then you can decide which is best for you.

UR Models often get asked What is an agency? They are a company who represents a model and works to get them paid work. They earn a commission from the job they get you on, so it’s in their best interest to work hard for you

UR Models Who do big agencies work with? They work with big budget advertising agencies and companies, this means more income for you and commission for them

UR Models What will they offer models? Agencies invest into the models and increasing there skills as this ultimately works for them and you. They will get you training, test shoots, portfolios, create you comp cards and printed material. They do all this by deducting it out of models final pay as well as their commission, so you both are equally investing

UR Models Who does the agency approach for work? They present you to designers, photographers, ad agencies and casting directors.

UR Models What are they responsible for? They book the jobs, they bill for the jobs and then pay the model. By them handling everything you as model gets the time to concentrate on the job at hand and developing your abilities.

What is an agencies business hours? They generally work 24 hours a day as the modelling world is not your typical 9-5 job, if they are not in office most agencies will have an operator or an out of hours service.


UR Models – Advice on being a Successful Model

UR Models – Advice on being a Successful Model

The secrets to being a Model by UR Models When attending the all-important castings, go well presented and think carefully about your outfit and figure and important tip as a female model always wear heels. Your outfit should be simple as you don’t want distract from you modelling abilities. Look after your skin, use minimal products, over use can dry out you skin and age you (Never a good look. The modelling world can be lucrative if you know where to start and have a hunger for success, the most determined always wins. Always have a back career though as no one can guarantee how well your modelling path will go, so you always want something to fall back on.

Avoid scammers they can be harmful to you career and you confidence. Some may approach you say they are agencies and ask for a up front free, well remember NO agency would ask for this, it’s illegal to. An agency will earn their money from getting you paid work down the line. It’s also industry standard any model under 18 years of age HAS to have parental permission and have them attend any shoot.

UR Models would never send anyone a friend request and nor would any legit company so anyone trying to make contact on line is a scammer, delete, block or report them and never get into a conversation they are not out there to help you, they want to harm your career and cost you a lot of time and money.

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Fashion Modelling

Fashion Modelling 

We believe the key to success in the modelling industry is knowing it, having all information needed and know who to go to for help & work.

Criteria for Fashion Modelling with an agency:

  • A top Fashion modelling agency must be located in one of the top fashion capitals, reason being is the most lucrative, prestigious modelling assignments can be found there. These are: London, New York, Milan, Parid, Tokyo, Sydney, Rome, LA, Prague, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Barcelona.
  • Make sure the agency has a good reputation within the industry, they need to be well known to be of the best standard.
  • That the fashion agency has provided models to the best in the business and for top fashion designers such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada and Valentino.
  • Some of the top fashion modelling agencies in the world: Elite Models, Ford Models, IMG Models, Marilyn agency, Models 1, One Management and NEXT models.



To get signed to one of the top Fashion modelling agencies takes a lot, it is not easy and their standards are high, we are talking Kate Moss standard. But you need to remember you are not limited to High Fashion modelling, there are a huge amount of sectors within this industry so you will find something great within modelling. Knowing where to start on discovering all areas is also confusing, so listen below are some services that will help you, using one these will give you the best chance of success.


Male Models

Male Modelling

Over recent years and especially now Male modelling has become of the most lucrative segments in modelling, they are in huge demand and work is offered throughout fashion, skin care and products.

There are many areas within the Male modelling industry so the doors are open to a variety of male models, all ages, shapes and looks are considered.

Some areas of modelling have requirements such as High fashion and Catwalk, you would need to be a model of a certain look and meet height standards of between 5’11 – 6’2


Below are the areas of modelling Male models can go into:

  • Fashion models (Clothing).
  • High fashion models (Designer Clothing).
  • Editorial (Magazines)
  • Runway (Catwalk mostly for designers).
  • Commercial (Adverts i.e. razor blades or health insurance).
  • Catalogue (Online and mail order.)
  • Promotional (Live male modeling work i.e. a trade show).
  • Extras (For TV and film).

To be taken seriously in this industry you portfolio is must, any model needs this important tool to gain work and a reputation. So make sure the images you include are of a high standard, this is the first thing potential employers see before meeting you, so first impressions count. Show diversity as every client wants to see you can adapt to different visions. Also always get a model release form signed by a photographer this enables you to use photos as you wish.


If you are serious about becoming a male model and want the best shot at it then look at the below sites, they have all the info you need and are a great support when entering this daunting industry.



UR Models Review

UR Models Review

UR Models Review – A step by step of our ‘Undercover’ experience of UR Models.

1) Application & Website

Their website – Attractive website

They had an online registration form which was easy to do but reading through their packages was mind boggling!!

2) Phone Call, Emails & Deposit.

After the form it was long till I got a phone call from a polite lady. She wanted me to come in to studio and I have to be honest was a little pushy and over keen, in any normal circumstance that would put me of. There was refundable deposit which again she was keen to take but I paid via my bank card. I got a receipt for payment which eased some concerns.

3) Test shoot Day

I went for the shoot at a London studio, which was highly enjoyable and the staff were friendly. The quality of the photos were great and I have to say experience was a good one over all. As I was doing a investigation I didn’t purchase the photos and was refunded the initial deposit in a good time frame as well, as I was concerned it would take some time after the lady was so keen to get it.

Even though I am some doubts at the start I have to Say UR Models is a great stepping block for any aspiring model, they do as you they say will they just came across a little keen at first but I think that was my own Human doubt kicking in, when really they just know their industry and are keen to helping wannabe models




model scams

model scams

Scammers and scamming is part of the modelling world, always will be and sadly will continue. These scammers prey on the vulnerable, models who have no clue about the industry then they shattered the dreams, ruin confidence and take a lot of money, all of which hurts anyone. They normally asked for a huge amount of money up front with no intention of delivering any service or product. Others persuade models to join the agency but again for a fee, which is not right and illegal. They could also ask a model to pose in a provocative way and giving the model no rights to image or there use, this can be very upsetting and ruin a models hope of being a professional. To avoid this awful scenarios or being hurt you should research and understand the industry as whole, knowledge is your best weapon.

Scammers/con artists are clever they pose to be agencies or reputable companies, feeling model hopefuls with dreams and hope, so be wary they will appear trust worthy when in fact they are your biggest enemy. If they approach you online, through social media or email again this signals warning signs as any professional company would not do this, so ignore it, block them or report them if it continues. It remains your responsibility to check if you are in safe hands or a parent if it is a child model.

Before accepting any modelling deal or agency contract carry out research and talk to professionals who know the business, the internet is a great source for information as you will find vital contacts and blogs often have people’s reviews. A legit legal document will give you control of where you images are used, so always ask for this after shoots, it’s your rights as a model after all the images are of you. There are some great advice companies out there and most who are free, so talk to them and be confident you are in good hands.

Your safety and safe guarding your career is imperative to success and sub staining a great path in modelling. Do not put yourself in situations where you feel anxious, scared or pressured, this should never be the case, professionals act professionals and work with a model not against them. Remember missing out on a opportunity you are unsure of is not a opportunity in the first place!

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