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The Advantages of Signing Up With TV&Film Agencies this is a review of ur Models done in September 2017 by the Model Advice Centre

The world of TV&film is just fascinating. Who doesn’t want to be part of that?

Yet because we are talking about such popular fields of activity, it’s not that easy to join as a model. Therefore signing up with TV&film agencies is a step that can skyrocket your career and even help you to be the new star.

UR Models agency advice service can provide you the guidance you need not only to enter this amazing world, but to succeed as well. Many models have thriving careers in TV or film thanks to UR Models.

Whenever you’re taking big decisions for your career as a model, it’s always best to have someone on your side who works in your best interest. You should take advantage of the guidance of experts who know everything about the business. They know how to get you the most exciting opportunities.

The UR Models platform works great for models not only to find success in the modelling industry, but also to discover their path in industries like TV or film, which can be very challenging to approach if you don’t know how. Reach out now to find more details!

The platform have hundreds of models only a small percentage of these focus on catwalk modelling the rest cover areas of the industry such as High Street Fashion, Catalogue Modelling, Commercial Modelling and child modelling this makes them one of the most inclusive modelling platforms in the UK.

We give them a 5 star rating which is the top we provide to any platform discussed on our site there are a few negative reviews as with all platforms however of the ones that exists we believe UR Models are in the top 5.

UR Models Review – read reviews and avoid modelling scams

UR Models Review

Any industry has its bad points, nothing comes with 100% guarantees however n the industry there are some safe places you can go to avoid modelling scams one of these is UR Models Review.

OF all the modelling platforms we have researched they are one of only two that had a 5* google review.

Yes some people complained however reading between the lines these have been posted by people who have either not been to UR Models or just didn’t cut the mustard.

what i liked about UR Models was there transparency…

  • They dont guarantee models job which is normally a sign of a scam company.
  • They pay for the models test shoot
  • They charge a deposit for a test shoot however you 100% get it back
  • Having spent lots of time speaking to the team they all seemed very quailed and had the skills to help me succeed.

when i questioned UR Models if they where a scam there made some really good points.

  • They are a registered UK company with company house which is a government  body and all legitimate companies need to register with.
  • They pointed out a negative review does not mean a company is bad it means someone was unhappy with the service (that happens my mum leaves negative reviews for TESCO’s)
  • They confirm everything they say via email
  • they make it clear on there website that they are not an agency
  • They have an extensive list of modelling agencies developed  over 10 years.

UR Models Review understand that  Scams are a huge part of this industry and it’s important you as an aspiring model get to grips with all aspects, trust UR Models team and it will help you in the future.

UR Models team have been in this fast paced world for years, we know the good, we know the bad and we know the very dark side, so please take a moment to read this and also follow our advice.

There are model scams out there that are ready to con you out of money, leave you will bad quality products and give you bad advice that leads you down the wrong path.

all of which can be very upsetting, stressful and can ruin your chances of model success, so do not rush entering this industry do your research and then ask a good company like UR Models.

There are some amazing websites out there dedicated to advice, there are also some blogs that cover these topics in details so research and go online!

Whichever avenue you decide to take on getting into modelling, make sure you always know everything needed, knowledge will make you the best you can be.

Gt Models Review advise all models to read up their selves online, go on blogs, talk to other models and trust in industry experts like ourselves. Build your confidence firstly, research all the time and any doubts seek advice or walk away.

Remember any questions get in touch with the UR Models team today.

UR Models – everything you NEED to know.

SO you want to know about UR Models well i have done the research so you do have to, I’ve read they might be a scam below is my finding i hope this helps you make your decision.

I choose yes and I’m glad i did…..

Like in all industries and all areas of life there is always a dark side to that world, there are always people ready to scam you. These agencies should be avoided if you want to avoid modelling scams a better way of breaking in the the industry is  to use a modelling platform

One of the best we know of is UR models in Londonsix models london

Scams in modelling is not new, it’s gone since this industry began, there are people praying on the vulnerable and new models are only vulnerable because they do not have experience.

Aspiring models are too trusting and its key to always keep your wits about you.


UR Models always stress the importance of asking questions, ask lots of questions.

  • Make sure you have a crystal clear picture of what you are letting yourself in for and then walk away
  • make notes the more notes you make the better read video reviews
  • have some down time and go over everything again

UR Models have worked with models from all walks of life and we always get to know the models we work with as we believe in building great relationships.


The common theme in when models get scammed is lack of knowledge, they all say they have a dream and dive right feet first.

Dont make this mistake what you dont want to do is to jump in feet first without doing your research.

UR Models can see how this would be an issue but we also know that’s the same in any industry, so the key point is ‘knowledge’ gain as much as you can and never be afraid to ask questions or walk away from something that concerns you. It’s always better to be too safe than sorry.

If in doubt go meet with the agency or modelling platform the scams as a general rule can be spotted when you walk in the door they are normally in dark studios and won’t have good equipment most of the scammers lack imagination so if you keep your eye’s open you will spot them.

Or give UR Models a call and ask there advice.