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Keeping it natural…Healthy recipe for busy models!

Keeping it Natural


In the pursuit of a beautiful, healthy body, it’s important to seek true nourishment, and the most nourishing thing you can eat is a whole food diet full of natural and organic foods. A typical modern diet of packaged and processed foods will not properly fuel your body. Diets high in sugars, low in protein and missing all fat will only keep your body buzzing along; not thriving, healthy, and beautiful from the inside out.

When you fuel your body with natural and organic foods, you invest in yourself. Food crops grown with pesticides and processed with chemicals; meat raised eating these crops and being injected with hormones and antibiotics; and foods packaged with preservatives and additives, will only pump all of those pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and additives into your body. Whole, organic foods are free from these contaminants and provide you with the nutrients your body needs without the possible harm that could come from processed foods.

It may be cliché, but breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. Especially when you are active and busy, it is so important to fuel your body to accomplish all those to-dos on your list every day. A healthy breakfast of natural foods, like these wonderful Egg Muffins, will fill you up and keep you full to tackle the day in style.

Because the eggs are the foundation of this recipe, it is very important to pick high quality eggs. For a long time, eggs were given a bad rap, but their amazing combination of healthy fat and natural protein are now being recognized as a great source of nourishment that should be included often if our diets. The healthiest eggs come from healthy chickens and chickens are healthiest when they are allowed to roam free on pasture, so look for pastured eggs at your grocery store or natural foods store, or better yet, get eggs from a local source you can trust to raise their chickens well.

These Egg Muffins make a very easy and versatile meal. To the basic egg mixture, you can add any and all of your favorite fillers – veggies, meats, cheeses, whatever you like! My favorite combinations are broccoli with diced ham and Swiss cheese, or mushrooms with bacon and cheddar cheese. Yum! Served with a big bowl of fresh organic fruit, these Egg Muffins will fill you up without weighing you down. This recipe will make 12 muffins, cook once and have nourishing breakfasts all week long. They also freeze well!

How to make Egg Muffins

12 eggs (you can replace some of the eggs with egg whites)

½ cup milk, half & half or cream

Salt and pepper

½ cup your favorite shredded cheese

Up to 1 cup of any combination of your favorite veggies or meats

Some great additions include:

Sautéed onions, mushrooms, zucchini or spinach

Blanched broccoli

Bell peppers in your preferred color

Green onions

Crumbled bacon

Diced ham

Shredded chicken


  1. Preheat your oven to 375° F
  2. Prepare your muffin pan (these egg muffins stick, so be sure to use lots of butter or oil or muffin liners or a silicone muffin pan).
  3. Whisk together your eggs, milk/cream and salt and pepper.
  4. Put a small heap of your cheese and chosen filling ingredients in the bottom of each muffin well.
  5. Distribute the egg mixture between wells, each one should be filled about ¾ of the way.
  6. Bake for 25-35 minutes until set in the center.


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 UR Models is NOT a scam

here is why!

As a confident woman, I’m proud of my appearance and figure. This becomes the prime motivation why I looked for a service from the internet that could help me finding a way to a modelling career.

I was so much concerned with some scams back then. When I read many positive reviews given to ur Models, I believed they would never make their clients disappointed. I couldn’t find any ur models issues, in fact. Knowing this, I contacted them immediately. In a nutshell, they were very friendly to me. I was concerned whether they did same gesture to other customers or not. This is why I wanted to share my story within this ur models.

I’m Olive and I’m glad to tell my experience of using the help of ur models here. My confidence gave me the strength to bet in a modelling industry. I knew nothing about modelling. At that time, I decided to read some information regarding my objectives. I found this site and read some reviews there. If those women could achieve that, I thought I could do the same thing. I contacted the service soon after I got inspired by the clients. It didn’t take much time as they contacted my soon. They asked some questions regarding my passion to be a professional model. They told me to take some pictures first to complete the requirements. Those photos would be my portfolio for future jobs, actually. I had come across this great advice many a time from ur models review I had found on line and on blogs.

I am sure UR Models is NOT a scam Agency.

 The fact is that they have made many women successful by their help. Once the interview process was done, they told me to visit a particular photo studio from where I could take my pictures. I was so worried at that time. That became my very 1st experience in visiting a real photo studio, especially to get my modelling career. I got butterflies all over my stomach regardless how confident I was.

My first impression when entering such photo studio was quite tempting. Why? I could meet with some great people. Needless to say, they had great talents in their field. I was personally impressed by my hairstylist. She did a nice job and she was quite friendly too. I was glad making new friends there. When my photo session came, I was quite nervous knowing I didn’t have any experience with this. I even got troubles in taking poses. Fortunately, the photographer helped me how to pose and he even taught me some tricks.

Really, I couldn’t forget such amazing experience. I even got some nice pictures which I was really proud of. The company asked me to submit those photos as the part of my portfolio. I was happy as they also gave me some insights regarding my strengths and weakness. By those, now I’m able to filter what kind of modelling jobs I should take from any agencies out there. Personally, I don’t agree on ur models Scam issues that occur these days. I will give 5 stars review for this site. I want you to take a chance too as a woman who believes in her confidence. I really hope my ur models review helped others just like ur Models has helped me!

ur models review – a frank and truthful review

UR Models review: They provide honest, helpful advice

My Unforgettable Experience in Modelling Fields


This is my ur models Review. I provide an honest testimonial regarding how I got helped by them in order to achieve my dream to become a model. Well, my name is Amanda. I have been dreaming of entering a modelling industry. Now I’m living my dream, and thanks to this site whatsoever. With the help of their professionalism, I have some modelling jobs waiting for my approval. I believe any of you can achieve the same results too. I will be happy to share my experience of how this good company guided me to be what I’m now.


The story started from when I was looking for an excellent modelling agency with both expertise and reputation. I was intrigued by ur models as they had lots of positive reviews from the clients. I thought there wouldn’t any loss in contacting them. That was my first shot to take, in fact. The best part was the time when their representative called me. They were very nice and really knew how to handle a client. They asked me regarding my motivation for becoming a model and many other personal questions. At that time, I could feel a big opportunity was coming near.


route 66 models also told me to work hard if I really wanted to become a professional model. They said that my passion wasn’t the only requirements to succeed in a modelling career. I was glad that they were satisfied with my appearance as it had the selling point in advertising. They recommended me to visit a photo studio for a valuation of route 66 models. Well, there was an initial charge but it was refundable. I was happy as the people at the photo studio were friendly. They were amazing too! I couldn’t doubt their professionalism at that time. Not to mention I was impressed with my makeup and hair stylist. She did a great job!


Even though I didn’t really know about photography, my photographer did his job in a professional manner. He really knew what he really was doing that moment. Needless to say, he also helped me to pose well in front of the camera. That single day was really fun and I got lots of experience from such photo studio. Once the photo session was done I had to do my review. route 66 models gave me an insight that I would be successful in working in commercial advertising. Hearing that, I was really excited.  Anyone who said there is a route 66 models is so so wrong!


Thanks to their help that I have gained lots of knowledge and experience regarding how to become a successful model. I contacted and sent them my pictures from the studio back then. They might use them as a portfolio for sure. They also told me some references of some agencies from where I can apply for modelling work. At that time, I was interested in taking a freelance work first. By the time I write this ur models Review, I have found many modelling jobs on the internet. I have collected many pictures to boost my portfolio. Again, I can’t stop saying thanks to this site. You can get the same positive result too! There is definitely NO ur models scam!


ur models – agency advice service read reviews

I signed up to Ur Models

I signed up to Ur Models not long ago and thought that they were a scam at first because when I read the reviews for them I would also check the comments section to see it from other perspectives. When scrolling through the comments, I occasionally came across some saying that they were actually just a scam so I tried to contact the people putting it to ask them why, some didn’t respond and the ones that did gave some varied answers but the majority being two answers in particular. The first were people just being told by friends not to use them and that they are only there to rip people off and had no actual experience with them and the others being people that used them along with Metro Photography for a test shoot and then being “scammed” at the end when they were asked if they would like to buy the photos not realising that the photos are the product that Metro sell and Six then go on to promote with the model.It wasn’t long till I realise there was no ur Models Scam and that’s why I wanted to do this UR Models review.

When I signed up I did go for the test shoot with New York Fashion to hopefully continue and work with UR Models so I turned up on time to secure that I could be refunded in full for my deposit to be safe and greeted by the receptionist who took me over to meet the make-up artist, the make-up artist was a chatty yet professional young woman who seemed to enjoy her job a lot and tried getting me to relax a little as she could see that I was quite tense and nervous so relaxing me would make both her job and the photographer’s easier as well as giving me a better experience. I had come across a lot of positive UR Models reviews, to be honest all were a great UR Models review.

When I was finished up with make-up I was led upstairs to meet the photographer who introduced himself pretty formally and asked me to lay out my clothe so that we could assemble about five or so different outfits, anything he thought could be improved, he would just run to a back room with an in-studio wardrobe and bring to me, run it past me as we bounced ideas off one another until we reached a final result where we were both happy. Then we got the shoot underway shooting both inside and on-site in each outfit to give the most variety and changing the site depending on the look. For example we took a couple shots in a rough area, very posh area and a couple in a weird part in my formal attire to see if the contrasts looked best in the rough parts or if me just fitting in with the posh/rich area suited it most. Those were just two small examples of the lengths that he would go to, to try and take the best possible photo for that look. I am so glad I researched online to see all the UR Models review, this is what spurred me on and made me see there was no UR Models scam, people that said that obviously never actually knew UR.

After I was shown to the editor where I was shown the photos of the day and offered to buy them, which I did and was also offered to work with Six Models which I accepted almost immediately because I had done my research on them and what not so I knew what I was getting myself into and been working with them since. I hope my UR Models review helps other models.