UR Models – everything you NEED to know.

SO you want to know about UR Models well i have done the research so you do have to, I’ve read they might be a scam below is my finding i hope this helps you make your decision.

I choose yes and I’m glad i did…..

Like in all industries and all areas of life there is always a dark side to that world, there are always people ready to scam you. These agencies should be avoided if you want to avoid modelling scams a better way of breaking in the the industry is  to use a modelling platform

One of the best we know of is UR models in Londonsix models london

Scams in modelling is not new, it’s gone since this industry began, there are people praying on the vulnerable and new models are only vulnerable because they do not have experience.

Aspiring models are too trusting and its key to always keep your wits about you.


UR Models always stress the importance of asking questions, ask lots of questions.

  • Make sure you have a crystal clear picture of what you are letting yourself in for and then walk away
  • make notes the more notes you make the better read video reviews
  • have some down time and go over everything again

UR Models have worked with models from all walks of life and we always get to know the models we work with as we believe in building great relationships.


The common theme in when models get scammed is lack of knowledge, they all say they have a dream and dive right feet first.

Dont make this mistake what you dont want to do is to jump in feet first without doing your research.

UR Models can see how this would be an issue but we also know that’s the same in any industry, so the key point is ‘knowledge’ gain as much as you can and never be afraid to ask questions or walk away from something that concerns you. It’s always better to be too safe than sorry.

If in doubt go meet with the agency or modelling platform the scams as a general rule can be spotted when you walk in the door they are normally in dark studios and won’t have good equipment most of the scammers lack imagination so if you keep your eye’s open you will spot them.

Or give UR Models a call and ask there advice.

UR Models are they a scam modelling platform – read a models review

 UR Models is NOT a scam

here is why!

As a confident woman, I’m proud of my appearance and figure. This becomes the prime motivation why I looked for a service from the internet that could help me finding a way to a modelling career.

I was so much concerned with some scams back then. When I read many positive reviews given to ur Models, I believed they would never make their clients disappointed. I couldn’t find any ur models issues, in fact. Knowing this, I contacted them immediately. In a nutshell, they were very friendly to me. I was concerned whether they did same gesture to other customers or not. This is why I wanted to share my story within this ur models.

I’m Olive and I’m glad to tell my experience of using the help of ur models here. My confidence gave me the strength to bet in a modelling industry. I knew nothing about modelling. At that time, I decided to read some information regarding my objectives. I found this site and read some reviews there. If those women could achieve that, I thought I could do the same thing. I contacted the service soon after I got inspired by the clients. It didn’t take much time as they contacted my soon. They asked some questions regarding my passion to be a professional model. They told me to take some pictures first to complete the requirements. Those photos would be my portfolio for future jobs, actually. I had come across this great advice many a time from ur models review I had found on line and on blogs.

I am sure UR Models is NOT a scam Agency.

 The fact is that they have made many women successful by their help. Once the interview process was done, they told me to visit a particular photo studio from where I could take my pictures. I was so worried at that time. That became my very 1st experience in visiting a real photo studio, especially to get my modelling career. I got butterflies all over my stomach regardless how confident I was.

My first impression when entering such photo studio was quite tempting. Why? I could meet with some great people. Needless to say, they had great talents in their field. I was personally impressed by my hairstylist. She did a nice job and she was quite friendly too. I was glad making new friends there. When my photo session came, I was quite nervous knowing I didn’t have any experience with this. I even got troubles in taking poses. Fortunately, the photographer helped me how to pose and he even taught me some tricks.

Really, I couldn’t forget such amazing experience. I even got some nice pictures which I was really proud of. The company asked me to submit those photos as the part of my portfolio. I was happy as they also gave me some insights regarding my strengths and weakness. By those, now I’m able to filter what kind of modelling jobs I should take from any agencies out there. Personally, I don’t agree on ur models Scam issues that occur these days. I will give 5 stars review for this site. I want you to take a chance too as a woman who believes in her confidence. I really hope my ur models review helped others just like ur Models has helped me!

All you need to know about Ur Models

All you need to know about Ur Models

Ur Models is a unique modelling platform which is now market leader. This service has been carefully created by industry experts and the service is free of charge! Ur Models is proud to work with hundreds of aspiring models every year and help them reach their goals of becoming a professional model.

The leading platform enables models to step into the industry with ease, confidence and knowledge and it also helps them establish if modelling is really for them and if it is what sector best suits their look and talents as there are so many areas within modelling.

Ur Models is dedicated to helping aspiring models and offer a honest, reliable service. What more could you ask for!?

Does Ur Models have a catch?

No, there is no catch… However, you should familiarise yourself with following to avoid any confusion or upset:

  • If Ur Models decide to send you for a test shoot, the photography studio they book you into will take a security deposit. As it is a security this is fully refundable and it will be therefore returned to you, as long as you show up on the day. Its safe guard for Ur Models booking the studio time.
  • The photography studio will try to sell you the photos from the test shoot, you do not have to buy them and there will be no pressure. You should keep in mind though, that if you seriously want a career in modelling you will need to get some professional photos at some point. You need to invest in your career to get the ultimate benefits.
  • They are not an agency so cannot get you work, although they will do everything in their power to help you to find work and get signed to an agency, they provide a much needed service. The Ur Models website homepage does state honestly that they are not in fact a modelling agency. So always keep this in Mind.


UR Models Are they a good company?

UR Models 

Are they a good company? 

UR Models is a modelling platform which enables models to get into the industry, they offer advice, support and direction. There are a few different companies like this in the industry but do your research and you will find the best ones.

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Scam Agency

Scam Agency

Sadly like all industries the modelling comes with its fair share of scammers. UR Models knows that scams can leave a bad taste in your mouth and cause some upset and feelings of being mistreated, so it’s best to research and get your head around the scams out there and who to trust before entering the modelling industry. A good example of a modelling scam is someone approaches you on the street, while you’re going about normal life and they tell you those words ‘You could be a model’ obviously very flattering and also very confusing a an agency can do the same as this and they legit plus they will tell you similar things.

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Freelance modelling

Modelling Jobs

Advice and Guidance on getting Modelling Jobs


We firstly want to cover the myth that you can only getting modelling work through agencies, this not true at all and you need to remember this when entering the modelling world.

When you enter the world of modelling do NOT rely solely on agencies if you get signed to one, there are other options that could gain you huge rewards.

The secret to more work is UR Models  – Freelance modelling!

There are hundreds and hundreds of freelance modelling job opportunities out there and anyone can apply for them on their own without agency help or direction. You will obviously need a portfolio to apply for any work and the more professional the better.

You can find modelling work via searching online, not to mention the numerous modelling sites out there that you can register too.

When you begin modelling the more exposure you get the better, so get as much work as possible!

If you are seriously considering becoming a model then we suggest contacting one of the following services which will be able to give you the best guidance and advice on getting your first modelling jobs.





Becoming a Model

Becoming a Model

Our guide

The modelling world is a daunting one if you don’t know it, it often very confusing and having some help from experts is imperative to great success. Your best chance of success is having a middle man service, we have listed some below, all of which are honest, reputable and industry leaders:



Here are some further tips and advice:

Portfolio- Your holy grail, your most important tool! This goes for any model and is something that should never be over looked. It works as CV into the industry and is a industry standard. So it needs to be high quality, contain 6-12 of your best images and show diversity.

Agencies: Get in touch with agencies this will kick start you career and get your name out there. Check out whos best to go with by talking to other industry professionals or using the services mentioned above. Never pay joining fees with agencies!

Open Calls: Attend as many as possible. They can appear a little overwhelming but you will soon get used to the process as this part of the modelling world. Smile, be confident but not arrogant and if you get a knock back, dust yourself off as this part and parcel of being a model. Say you, remain polite and move on to the next one. A portfolio is must for attending castings and if you want to be signed to an agency.


Key attributes needed: Be committed and hungry for success, modelling is a competitive industry and takes lot of hard work, so only the determined succeed. Keep in mind ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ so hard work will pay over but do not expect success over night. Be professional at all times, this shows your take your line of work seriously. Always listen and be willing to learn this shows you’re adaptable. When you are contacted always return contact promptly as you may miss the opportunity. Practice makes perfect!!


Unfortunately, the industry of modelling comes with scammers. Scams can leave you feeling abused, mistreated and completely deflated, so it’s best to get your head around some tips on how best to avoid them. A modelling scam generally involves someone stopping you in the street and telling you that you could be a model. They are hard to spot because when you are scouted by an actual legitimate agency, they will tell you a very similar thing. What you don’t want, however, is to be caught unawares by someone that is trying to sell you a poor service. Companies that approach you on the street to do this should not, generally, be trusted.


Be wary if, when you show up to the place they have told you to go, they start getting pushy. For example, if they tell you that you can only use a specific photographer, the service is likely to be a scam. You should always have a choice over which photographer you want to use to build your portfolio, especially if you’re paying a lot of money.


Secondly, take a big step back if the company asks you to pay any kind of initial fee for them to “be your agent”. An actual agency will not expect you to pay any money to work with them. They may ask you to sign exclusively with them, but they won’t charge an upfront fee.


As tempting as it may be to succumb to pressure, don’t fall for the “this is your only chance, without taking this you probably won’t make it as a model” line. This is a way of putting pressure on to ensure you fall for the scam. A legitimate company will be welcoming and encouraging; they will not be trying to do a hard sell.

Finally, be wary of anyone that guarantees that you will get work. No one in the industry can make this promise as a legitimate guarantee. Further, if they persistently talk to you about large salaries and a glamorous lifestyle, take caution. Modelling work can be irregular, and whilst it can lead to large salaries, a legitimate agency won’t be promising this in your first meeting, if ever.


Paying to have a great portfolio created with a legitimate photography studio is one thing, paying for someone to be your “agent” is another.


Modelling scams are unfortunately a part of entering the modelling industry, but don’t have to affect you if you keep your wits about you. Don’t be flattered into submission, don’t hand over any cash without doing your research, and hunt out your own photography studios, rather than being conned into using an illegitimate service by someone on the street.


UR Models Review

UR Models Review

UR Models Review – A step by step of our ‘Undercover’ experience of UR Models.

1) Application & Website

Their website www.ur-models.co.uk – Attractive website

They had an online registration form which was easy to do but reading through their packages was mind boggling!!

2) Phone Call, Emails & Deposit.

After the form it was long till I got a phone call from a polite lady. She wanted me to come in to studio and I have to be honest was a little pushy and over keen, in any normal circumstance that would put me of. There was refundable deposit which again she was keen to take but I paid via my bank card. I got a receipt for payment which eased some concerns.

3) Test shoot Day

I went for the shoot at a London studio, which was highly enjoyable and the staff were friendly. The quality of the photos were great and I have to say experience was a good one over all. As I was doing a investigation I didn’t purchase the photos and was refunded the initial deposit in a good time frame as well, as I was concerned it would take some time after the lady was so keen to get it.

Even though I am some doubts at the start I have to Say UR Models is a great stepping block for any aspiring model, they do as you they say will they just came across a little keen at first but I think that was my own Human doubt kicking in, when really they just know their industry and are keen to helping wannabe models




model scams

model scams

Scammers and scamming is part of the modelling world, always will be and sadly will continue. These scammers prey on the vulnerable, models who have no clue about the industry then they shattered the dreams, ruin confidence and take a lot of money, all of which hurts anyone. They normally asked for a huge amount of money up front with no intention of delivering any service or product. Others persuade models to join the agency but again for a fee, which is not right and illegal. They could also ask a model to pose in a provocative way and giving the model no rights to image or there use, this can be very upsetting and ruin a models hope of being a professional. To avoid this awful scenarios or being hurt you should research and understand the industry as whole, knowledge is your best weapon.

Scammers/con artists are clever they pose to be agencies or reputable companies, feeling model hopefuls with dreams and hope, so be wary they will appear trust worthy when in fact they are your biggest enemy. If they approach you online, through social media or email again this signals warning signs as any professional company would not do this, so ignore it, block them or report them if it continues. It remains your responsibility to check if you are in safe hands or a parent if it is a child model.

Before accepting any modelling deal or agency contract carry out research and talk to professionals who know the business, the internet is a great source for information as you will find vital contacts and blogs often have people’s reviews. A legit legal document will give you control of where you images are used, so always ask for this after shoots, it’s your rights as a model after all the images are of you. There are some great advice companies out there and most who are free, so talk to them and be confident you are in good hands.

Your safety and safe guarding your career is imperative to success and sub staining a great path in modelling. Do not put yourself in situations where you feel anxious, scared or pressured, this should never be the case, professionals act professionals and work with a model not against them. Remember missing out on a opportunity you are unsure of is not a opportunity in the first place!

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UR Models, the best platform for modelling

UR Models, the best platform for modelling

Modelling is a practical job so it involves practical experience which is one of the most effective ways for one to learn to become a poser.


The occupation of a model is all about a person’s capability, potential, courage and enthusiasm.

It is not an easy path it needs a lot of efforts to reach your destination that is why you necessitate putting all your skills to sell yourself to an audience to get the best outcome.

Modelling is done for TV shows, commercials, fitness and many more designs. If you adopt it as your profession, then you get many facilities including your makeup, hair style and other wears done by the experts. Your poses are guided by the photographers who also serve in bringing out your personality.

One of the best modelling platforms is UR Models which are filled with fashion models, TV, cinema, commercial models and much more, with the age range of 3years – 65 years.

Being UK’s largest modelling platform, it not merely helps to make up their portfolio, but it will ensure the models succeed in the future by providing them with a tie to apply in agencies.

If you want to heighten your career in modelling and reach success then you should apply in UR Models. The platform offers a team of professionals with an outstanding knowledge of the subject, who can direct you very well.

They also evoke the best modelling that suits you and build up your profile.

Apart from this, it is also well-known for commercial modelling, particularly for the new comers to apply, as it gives them a confidence, enhance their style and also accept every single applicant to have a test shoot through which models can also experience to work with the team of effective and energetic photographers.

You can likewise build up and improve your confidence level when you come in front of the camera. Subsequently, after the completion of your portfolio, you can either apply to agencies or become an independent model.

Moreover, it is very suitable for children and adolescents as it works under all rules and regulations of child employment.

The platform also calls young models and shows them their abilities, talents and strengthens their potential and transports them into the world of modelling.

It also offers fitness modelling, which is conceptualised as a hardest modelling career since a person needs to work consistently maintaining a balanced diet. If you are a fitness lover then this field can be very successful for you, if you apply in UR Models.

You need to upload your pictures with an application and then the experts are there to manoeuvre you to achieve your desires. Another case of modelling it offers is plus size modelling, where you can go for many paths like as commercial and body part modelling.

Aside from this, the platform also assists and guides the mature models. They look over their promotions portfolios and help them to associate with successful agencies.

All the services, the guidelines provided by UR Models are free of cost. That’s why it is one the best platforms of the UK and has more successful models than others