Christine – Mature Model – Ur Models review

Christine – Mature Model – Ur Models review

Christine Davidson – Mature Model

I can hand on heart say finding Ur models was the best thing I ever did. I am of a mature age but have always dreamed of doing modelling, so I rustled up the courage and registered with ur models, on registering it was no time after and someone rang me.
On speaking to Ur Models I soon realised that mature modelling is a big industry and that I had a great chance of becoming a model, I never realised how in demand Mature models were. It made me feel happy that I wasn’t too past it! I was given great advice on freelancing modelling which is the route I always wanted to take, I just feel I have the ability to get my own work.
I attended a photo shoot with a professional company who made the whole experience fun but at same time I learned so much. After doing some test shots I saw how great I look on camera and really filled me with confidence, I decided to get a portfolio the same as I thought if I am going to do this I want to it properly and I am so glad I did as I since then I have managed to secure regular work and be part of some very exciting advertising campaigns. I never dreamt I could be a model for real and I still pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. Ur models have been my rock and mentors throughout, I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of becoming a model.

Parents review on UR Models

Parents review on UR Models

Ethan age 5 & Mum

My husband and always I hoped Ethan could become a model but didn’t know where to begin plus I know every parent must feel there child is capable of modelling so I wanted to be sure this would be right for him. I looked online for some time and thankfully came across UR models, their website was so informative and as soon as spoke with someone of the team I immediately knew they could help. I was given advice on taking Ethan to agencies and working for ourselves and I am glad I did as knowing all information hekped my husband and I decide what was best for Ethan. We attended a photoshoot organised my UR Models, Ethan had such fun and the whole team made the day so easy, they even brought Ethan out of his shell which was great to see as he can sometimes be a little shy. The test shots taken on the day were great and such good quality that we have been able to use them when contacting agencies and apply for work.
Since attending the photoshoot Ethan has now been signed to 2 agencies that specialise in child models and all work he has be put forward for he has got, its truly fantastic. It has also made Ethan more confident and to see him have such fun whilst building a future for himself is amazing.

UR Models review – fitness model

Reuben Arnott – 28 years old Fitness Model-UR Models review

The Gym and weight training has always been my passion, I exercise daily and like nothing more than seeing the results. I never dreamt of using this to make an income, until a friend recommended UR Models. I had nothing to lose so I contacted them and I am glad I did. With UR Models help I have been gained loads of experience and got a portfolio I am really proud of. Since contacting UR I am now on the books of 7 agencies who specialise in Fitness modelling, I have worked with brands that I love, done shoots that have been so much fun and I have seen more of the world than I thought possible and this is all in a short amount of time, to earn money from keeping my body fit as changed my life.,. I train even harder now to maintain my modelling career but its not a task its something I love but now have turned into a career with the help from UR models. The advice I would give to anyone who wants to model is take the plunge and contact six models, they make it so easy, you learn so much and with there guidance it isn’t long before you see results and income coming in.

UR Models read a Mums review

Holly Beard and her – UR Models read a Mums review 

Holly Beard and her mum
Holly is 7 years old and since a toddler has always had huge confidence and loved clothes, so my partner and I thought modelling would be great for her. My partner found ur models online so I contacted them and they immediately said Holly should come to a photoshoot, Holly was so excited and I have to admit so was my partner and I. we didn’t know what to expect on the day but Holly enjoyed having her make-up done and she done so well in the photo shoot that the photographer said Holly is a dream to work with, she listen and done as she was told. The photos were out of the world, we really couldn’t be happier. We took all the advice on board that ur models gave us and contacted them whenever we got lost, we contact three agencies and two have already taken Holly on. Holly loves modelling, she is meeting other children her same age, getting to travel and be part of some great work, ur models have really helped turn this into a bright future for Holly. I was always nervous about where to start but ur models made us feel at ease straight away, they know everything about the modelling industry and no matter what question we had they knew the answer. My advice to any parent wanting there child to start modelling is contact ur Models, that’s all the help you’ll ever need. Holly is one happy little girl and we couldn’t be more proud.