UR Models – Advice on being a Successful Model

UR Models – Advice on being a Successful Model

The secrets to being a Model by UR Models When attending the all-important castings, go well presented and think carefully about your outfit and figure and important tip as a female model always wear heels. Your outfit should be simple as you don’t want distract from you modelling abilities. Look after your skin, use minimal products, over use can dry out you skin and age you (Never a good look. The modelling world can be lucrative if you know where to start and have a hunger for success, the most determined always wins. Always have a back career though as no one can guarantee how well your modelling path will go, so you always want something to fall back on.

Avoid scammers they can be harmful to you career and you confidence. Some may approach you say they are agencies and ask for a up front free, well remember NO agency would ask for this, it’s illegal to. An agency will earn their money from getting you paid work down the line. It’s also industry standard any model under 18 years of age HAS to have parental permission and have them attend any shoot.

UR Models would never send anyone a friend request and nor would any legit company so anyone trying to make contact on line is a scammer, delete, block or report them and never get into a conversation they are not out there to help you, they want to harm your career and cost you a lot of time and money.

Parental advice 

UR Models works with parents of young models to ensure they have all the advice they need before pursing work. We have over 12 years of experience in the industry, so we are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need and the experts on hand to guide you every step of the way. There are some pitfalls within the industry for young models so we are here to guide you through them and give your child the best chance at model success.

How to avoid scams:

UR Models is in full support of the legislation that was brought into place in October 2010. This means no agency can ask for a joining fee, it is now illegal. A legit agency will not ask for this as they earn from getting your child work. Like UR Models will don’t take any payment for registering and service, so always keep this in mind.

  • Be wary of adverts in local papers, classified ads, gumtree or online adverts looking for models
  • Avoid contact with any company who doesn’t supply an address or phone number
  • Be wary of companies who hide behind PO BOX addresses
  • Any under 18 model needs a model to attend every meeting, every shoot, always!
  • Never sign a contract you are being pressured into, you need to be comfortable with everything, you have to safe guard your child and yourself as a parent
  • Your child will need a portfolio that’s industry standard but only purchase if you’re comfortable and the quality is high.
  • A model is a smart model, so keep your wits about you and don’t be afraid to say NO!
  • If anyone approaches you and says your child could be a model, ignore them and move on it is not correct and will be a scammer.

UR Models are here to help and direct you as parent, we are market leaders for a reason

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