UR Models – what is a test shoot

The modelling world is fantastic, all of us here are UR Models love it and encourage people to pursue their dreams but we always advise do it safely and correctly.

Becoming a model for anyone who is new to the industry is scary, it’s daunting and you are very vulnerable to model scams but our wonderful team here at Six Models are here to help you avoid scams.

Do not become a victim to nasty people’s scams, there is no need if you listen to those who really want to help you.

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UR Models are definitely those who want to help!

Our best advice is consume yourself in reviews, look up the company you are wanting to work with and read others reviews on them, there are no better people then those who have worked with them.

UR Models also are leading industry professionals so we know everyone who is trust worthy and those who should be avoid so again ask us and we will give you our review on them.

Models like yourself need to support each other so sharing your experiences in key to keeping this fast paced industry safe, you all need to look after each other. Reviews are what make or break any company, not just in this industry and the main purpose of them is to protect others, guide others and keep industry working well.

Just go on to google and type company name following my reviews and you will see pages of sites containing the information you need, this really is the best way to avoid scams and model scams.

Obviously like with any company, brand or product you will not find all positive reviews all the time, there will be times there are good and bad but after you have read as many as you can.

Remember it’s up to you to then make your mind up but only ever pursue if you feel confident they are for you and you feel like you trust the words of others….

UR Models also encourage you no matter what you experience is always then share your review as it will help others avoid scams and have a happy experience.

UR Models loves to hear about your experiences about modelling and becoming a model and so do other aspiring models.