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Real cool day with ur models they were fabulous they really helped me to get my foot into the door of the modelling industry its like a dream come true for me I can’t believe ive finally managed to get my chance and I got accepted by ur models this made me so happy.
I loved the way the staff treated me they was so nice to me. We had some good fun and they made my experience amazing. They were very friendly they went out there way to make me happy so thank you so very muchly

UR Models

Since going with UR models I have had so many calls for jobs I’m actually staring in hollyoaks over Christmas. You guys should look out for me. My phone has been none stop ringing with job offers. People are finding me for jobs now not the other way around. I dont even have to look anymore.
I think the best part of my day was when I was having my shoot done it was super fun. Me and the photographer had a good laugh. And my worst part of the day was when my heel broke and I fell off the kirb! Still quite hilarious though! A lot of people did stare and have a giggle but that was okay I found it quite entertaining myself x

UR Modelling

Ur Models is the best place to be no I have been through a few different platforms and most of them weren’t all that great if I’m being honest however when I went to ur models I really enjoyed myself I felt like I was part of the crew there and might I say just what an amazing crew they are they can work wonders and they’re always very happy they’re always on hand to help should you need it they made me feel really comfortable and I couldn’t thank them enough for what they have done and what they have helped me to do because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it to get to where I am now so massive thanks ur models I couldn’t ask for anything more.

UR models

I had a great time at UR models they were fabulous they really helped me understand that modelling is so much more than just somewhere to go to get your photos taken. They taught me it requires skill and that there’s so much skill and effort to be put into it.
Modelling is also a confidence booster.
Being a model is being your own boss choosing when you want to work. It is being noticed by anyone and everyone. Your not stuck in the background your there for everybody else to see for example some of the work I have done thanks to UK models is  magazine/clothes modelling and the catwalk which is quite extraordinary also the biggest part is your making more money in a month than you ever had in a year! Depends what kind you do.

UR models

Hi my name is Karen you may remember me from a few weeks ago I came in with my 5 year old autistic daughter Ruby she was very scared and nervous you see the thing is with children who have autism they don’t like change and she was ok up until having her outfits changed and then she had a complete and utter meltdown but there was a really nice member of staff his name was Jack and he helped Ruby quite a lot to settle down he understood autism very well which wasn’t something that I was expecting.
Jack said we could have a little break for a bit and he sat with her whilst I went to go and get a hot chocolate and by the time I came back Ruby was laughing and back to her normal self then we continue with the photoshoot and she was loving it doing all the different poses having a giggle and dancing in the rain so thank you ur models you really did put a shine on our day.


UR Models Platform

UR Models agency- Should You Have a Model Portfolio?


UR Models

If you’re just starting out in the modelling business, you might be a bit confused concerning the portfolio.

Should you have one?

Is it useful?

UR Models is here to clarify this for you.

The truth is that you definitely need one if you want to be seen as a professional. It is the proof that you take your modelling career seriously. It is mandatory to have a high-quality one in order to get jobs and to prove your talent and abilities.

If you want a real career that can bring along lots of opportunities, don’t settle for anything less than the best. UR Models can help you build a good portfolio that shows your versatility as a model and your posing abilities.

This portfolio will display your best features and make you look like a great asset to companies interested in booking models. Check out the UR Models platform to get in touch with professionals who can create the most flattering portfolio.

A modelling portfolio is a smart and necessary investment in your career as it will pay off quickly and profitably. If you need any information concerning this, don’t hesitate to contact UR Models right away!


I am really pleased with UR models they exceeded my expectations what a great experience I have had.

I am really pleased with UR models they exceeded my expectations what a great experience I have had.
 I went to UR models more out of curiosity than anything else. No I never write reviews but I had to here I had a fantastic time the place was great and the staff were awesome.
 Since I went to UR models i had so many jobs coming my way I feel so much better. I am a person who suffers really bad with nervousness and anxiety I struggle with self-confidence but went for the photo shoot.
UR models staff made me feel beautiful and lifted my confidence up so thank you for a great experience I couldn’t be more proud of my photo shoot thank you for making me look great I was extremely impressed on how fast and efficient this company was to get me introduced to the modelling industry and make me successful.
They are brilliant people and they can work absolute wonders my confidence has shot right through the roof and I’m no longer nervous I like to show off my photos to my friends and family.
 I have some of my photographs on my  fireplace at home and I don’t mind them being out since going to UR models and now have high end jobs because of these people and I love them. My night end jobs  involve catwalks model and TV adverts I feel like anything is possible now.