Silver Models is a scam

Getting Scammed by Silver Models

My daughter is 12 years old and she always wanted to do modelling, So I decided to have a look into it. I came across Silver Models and registered with them, they phoned me back within 3 hours of me doing registration form and was really friendly and helpful. They said the best way to get my daughter Olivia into modelling was to attend a photo shoot which they would organise but for them to do all this and registered Olivia with their agency I needed to pay a fee of £300, they said they would then said me documents containing receipt of payment and booking of Studio. I reluctantly paid the fee it was a lot but i knew it meant a lot to my daughter, i paid via card and received the promised email within minutes so that made me relax. We attend the shoot and took our booking form but once the shoot was over I had the shock of my life, they asked me to pay the bill for shoot and for any images we wanted, the shoot was £500 and images £800, i knew i would be buying images but i thought Silver Models organised the shoot, the photo studio was very kind and allowed me to ring silver models. On calling silver models they explained that all the details was in documents they had sent and I had signed, in small print it said silver models take a payment for advice and organising of shoot but do not pay for any shot costs or booking of jobs, it was in the paperwork all along but in very small print. So I had been scammed on the phone they said much different and in documents said alot different, i was stupid to not have read paperwork but Silver models had been so helpful and had rung me several times with advice and support, i just didnt doubt doubt their honesty. They are liars, they cost me a fortune and really ruined what was a lovely day. DO NOT pay them anything or work with them, you are only paying for some basic phone advice and that is it, they do nothing to help you. Word of advice never pay anything without researching and always read any contracts!! There are some great modelling advice companies out there but Silver models is not one!

People Models is a scam agency avoid them

Scammers- Whole people Models

I’m Brandon and I am 23 years old from Cornwall. 6 months I ago I got scammed by a company called Whole people models, they are true scum bags and the word needs spreading.
I hadnt even thought about modelling, till a guy called Liam contacted me who was an apparant model booker at whole peoples models, we exchanged messages via facebook for a couple of days and he told me about loads of male models he helped and who are all earning loads of money while travelling etc it sounded ace if i am honest, I am 23 years old so earning good money while having fun is my idea of a perfect job. He said he he had job which would be perfect me and send me some info via facebook messenger, it looked like a client brief of job and contained the pay etc he said because i wasnt on whole peoples books i would need to pay a fee then he could get me this job, the fee was for £200 but i would then be on books and first job was in another three days time where i would earn £1500, so £200 didnt seem a big deal at the time. Liam said time was precious and i would need to pay cash into their account, so it was instant then i would get confirmation of job. I paid the fee the same day, then within hours the person i had been talking on facebook had disappared, no profile picture, nothing. i knew then i had been scammed by whole people models, i panicked and was gutted, i researched and couldnt find anything on them, i had well and truely been scammed out of £200 all because he filled my head with idea of being a famous modelling and earning loads. I am so embarassed i listened but whole people models said the right things, they are definately good at being liars and scammers. If anyone gets contact from whole people models, avoid them, they are liying, cheating, scam artists. I was foolish but i have learnt never believe what you get told before doing research, never trust someone who contacts you out of the blue and never just had over cash. I am out of £200 and i want others to be aware of these scamming companies. do you research!

Sam Mason Models- AVOID! SCAMMERS

Sam Mason Models- AVOID!

I am Rosie, 27 years old from Essex. I have always had an interest in fashion, loved reading magazines and attending fashion events with my friends,so i thought why not try to be a model myself. Little did i know my journey would begin with being scammed.  i went online and there are tones of different sights, its proper confusing my i registered with three blogs asking for info and one came back to me called Sam Mason models, they said they were a modelling agecny and could guarantee me paid work within a month, they then emailed me with more details, they asked for my phone and said they woud ring me, when they did the number was private but to be honest Ii didnt think much of it as i was more excited i was talking to someone in the industry. They explained the modelling industry and they seemed to know alot, they were really friendly and seemed so eager for me to sign up with me as they had seen my profile picture on a blog id signed up to, i was flattered if i am honest.

They asked me to pay a fee of £600 this was t secure my place on their books, organise a photo shoot for my portfolio and to cover admin fees, I did question it as it was a lot of money to me and it always concerns me they said to ease my concerns I should meet with them and discuss in person, so i did two days later in a coffee shop, i met a guy called andre and he was really nice, he explained to get going quickly i need to pay the fee in cash, i felt it was ok cause i met someone and i got a reciept. he explained he would call me to set up the test shoot for a weeks time, I left feeling really excited and that my career was beginning. four days later i had any phone call or emails, so i emailed the address i originally got contacted by, it bounced back, then alarm bells started ringing i had been scammed. still till this day i never heard back from so called sam mason models and i have had no way of retrieving my money as i have no contact details or address. I look back and it still makes me feel sick i have been scammed but the moral of story is i was stupid and left myself open for being scammed, i met someone i didnt know and handed over cash, i had no contact details and didnt resreahc the company. My advice to any model is do your research, never meet strangers and never pay any money just like that, i was stupid and have been scammed so trust me it hurts but you can avoid it by doing research. I have since got my success and done this through a great modelling platform. Be aware scams are very real. Avoid Sam mason, they are scammers!

UR Models Review

UR Models Review

My Name is Gemma and I am a 23 Year old Fashion Model based in London.

2 Years ago I decided to pursue modelling properly as it had always been a dream of mine, I had found UR Models online via a blog and I thought I would give me them and try. UR Models is a modelling platform, they  make that very clear from the start as they said many think of them as agency which they aren’t, they are a advise service. I never knew before contacting them how big the modelling world was, they told me about all the different avenues you can go down but i knew mine was fashion modelling, i love fashion and have always been envious of the models on catwalks. I also knew it was a very competitive industry but i was determined.

I went to a test shoot which ur sorted for me, it was amazing! i got to practice reall posing techniques and learnt loads of new ones. it was superb! Ur helped me get the best start in my career and i now owe my success to them. I am a full time model, I have travelled to 11 different countries in last two years, walked catwalks at the biggest fashion events and I am now involved in a massive advertising campaign with a huge designer brand, i literally living the dream and i would have any of this if i hadnt contact Ur Models, they have made my modelling dreams come true and helped me achieved more than i thought possible. If any of you are wanting to me a model, then go on to Ur models website, its a simple process and they will guide you through every step. Yyou will honestly get success if you follow there advice.


Owens Mum and UR Models

My son is 11 Years old and came to be wanting to do modelling, he has always had interest in clothes and adverts. I didnt know where to start so began my search on google, it was so over whelming with companies claiming this and that but fortunately I came across UR Models and there website was so user friendly and I felt such relief finding a company who was clear and to the point. I contacted them and explained my son wanting to model, they talked to me about child modelling as a whole, the parents role and guidelines that have to be met, I was unaware of child modelling be so big. They also gave me agencies that look after child models, this was a great help because when you search online for this it is so confusing and very scary as you don’t know who is real and who isnt.

Two weeks ago we attended a test shoot which was organised by UR Models and it was amazing, Owen loved every minute of it and all the staff knew how to work we young models, it was great to see Owen listen and learn. I was also very well looked after and I learnt a huge amount about my role as a parent, what to expect etc I walked away full of knowledge and a better understanding of the modelling world. Owen has not stopped talking about his day at the shoot and this is all thanks to the great help of UR Models. I highly reccomend these!

All you need to know about Ur Models

All you need to know about Ur Models

Ur Models is a unique modelling platform which is now market leader. This service has been carefully created by industry experts and the service is free of charge! Ur Models is proud to work with hundreds of aspiring models every year and help them reach their goals of becoming a professional model.

The leading platform enables models to step into the industry with ease, confidence and knowledge and it also helps them establish if modelling is really for them and if it is what sector best suits their look and talents as there are so many areas within modelling.

Ur Models is dedicated to helping aspiring models and offer a honest, reliable service. What more could you ask for!?

Does Ur Models have a catch?

No, there is no catch… However, you should familiarise yourself with following to avoid any confusion or upset:

  • If Ur Models decide to send you for a test shoot, the photography studio they book you into will take a security deposit. As it is a security this is fully refundable and it will be therefore returned to you, as long as you show up on the day. Its safe guard for Ur Models booking the studio time.
  • The photography studio will try to sell you the photos from the test shoot, you do not have to buy them and there will be no pressure. You should keep in mind though, that if you seriously want a career in modelling you will need to get some professional photos at some point. You need to invest in your career to get the ultimate benefits.
  • They are not an agency so cannot get you work, although they will do everything in their power to help you to find work and get signed to an agency, they provide a much needed service. The Ur Models website homepage does state honestly that they are not in fact a modelling agency. So always keep this in Mind.


Is UR Models a Scam?

What is it all about…….

Is UR MODELS a Scam? What is UR Models really about? Is UR Models an agency?


Is UR Models a Scam?


NO ITs a is a modelling conglomerate


which started back in 2009. Even though they state they are a platform which enables aspiring models to reach model success there are still many blogs & chat rooms they have mixed reviews, some saying they are a great help for breaking into the industry while others say they had a wasted journey meeting with me and found them no help.
They are the UK’s first five star modelling platform and yes it looks like some of the people they work with have gone away and done very well. when I spoke to someone there about my child going with them they were very clear that if they worked with us it could go either way.


i had read some mixed reviews about them, so when I approached them I obviously mentioned these as it was something that was playing on mind but it seemed they already knew these bad reviews were there and believe it was their competition that put them there, like other modelling advice sites and modelling agencies.

they first of all advised us about portfolios and how important they are, they also said they the portfolio will need to be added to as progression happens within the modelling career.

You can see some very clear details on Google from an experienced UR Model booker, Liam. Although there is no way of knowing if Liam is the real deal and genuine the information given is exactly how modelling agencies are meant to work are absolutely true, so I don’t see any reason not to believe this.

A few quotes from the post are below:

“UR Models  is not an Modelling agency”, This was something I was concerned about but after talking with them they soon explained they are modelling platform, a source of advice and will help people get signed to agencies ‘this is how they make
The deposit is to make sure you turn up, a commitment from you for their time and service – this I was told and when we bought a portfolio they allowed us to have the deposit paid taken off cost, this is fair and many other companies similar do not do this
Some studios con aspiring models by inviting them for a ‘free’ photoshoot, requesting a booking fee to secure the studio time – with a promise to refund the fee if you attend and UR Models did that for me and child so this makes me think Liam was right in what he said. UR Models Models are not a con they help hopefuls break into the industry


the only thing that makes me think they are not a scam is the fact that I have since got my child signed to three agencies with the portfolio we got from UR Models and have already been offered some paid work, without their help i don’t think we would be where are now


so to confirm theyy are not an agency that find the jobs but they do as they say they would and you cannot ask for more than that  and yes i paid for a portfolio which ended up being a lot cheaper that pictures i have had taken of the kids at Venture photography in the past

so my conclusion is i dont think its one of these modelling scams

Is UR Models a Scam? the said they would help get us a portfolio created and that they did


  • they said they would be upfront with me  and i have no reason to believe they were not, the proof is in the pudding
  • they said they would help us with getting signed to an agency without charing me and they  did just that

My conclusion is if you want to start modelling give them a try, i did and I am chuffed with the out come


New York Fashion Photography and UR Models review

Are they a Scam?

For any aspiring model you need to know about the industry and know what it takes to be successful, without direction from industry experts its hard to enter the modelling world and maintain success. Ur Models doesn’t work like an agency who want gain as much profit out of you as possible, instead they have created a platform designed by industry professionals that enables an aspiring model to move into the industry with knowledge, confidence and support, this in my eyes is very refreshing.


I of course was still very wary when i approach UR Models and this was purely based on horror stories you read online, it was hard to think they weren’t just trying to con me out of loads of money but when talking to them I immediately felt some confidence that they were just a way of gaining help. They said they cant make any gurantees but would work with me to create a portfolio with the help from new york fashion. They said both theirselves and NY would be honest if I had what it takes and if was successful would help find suitable agencies who would then get me work, it was obvious they just wanted to help.


There was a deposit that had to be paid straight away which made me very anxious and put some doubts in my head but as the whole process continued it was apparent that that deposit actually gets refunded off your package if you choose to go a head and if you don’t choose to do anything yu still get it back, so either way you don’t lose out and have a lot to gain. It was clear the initial deposit was to cover theirselves from booking studio time and be not showing up, it also show commitment from serious aspiring models.


The meeting and studio time itself was based in London, easy to get to and the moment I entered I felt comfortable and looked after, everyone who worked there was very professional and went out their way to help. Everyone was so great and set up professional, there was a full hair and make up department (Obviously not my area) and all the photographers I met with had so much knowledge on what poses to do, what makes a perfect picture etc After my shoot which was a great laugh and I really enjoyed they asked if I would like to buy a portfolio package and I have to say there was no pressure what so ever but they did explain the benefits of having a great portfolio as this is what you ultimately need to get paid work and that’s what I want! It was decision and I decided to buy a portfolio from the studio and I was so chuffed with result.

Ur models kept there promise and worked me after I had my portfolio, they pointed me in the right direction of agencies they best suited my modelling type and gave me contacts that have been so beneficial. Since that day with UR Models and New york I have thankfully broken into the industry and im already finding success.



Ur models london

Always have one foot in front of the competition

Modelling Tips


There is no truth in if you are naturally beautiful you will take a good photo, everyone is different and different looks come across in different ways on camera. Posing and learning techniques are imperative to taking a good photo, to reach perfection takes dedication and hard work. Practice really does make perfect! All models rely on posing to make the ultimate photo, so if you are serious about becoming the best read the below tips!

  • Concentrating on your job at hand and the shot is very important but remember to know relay this in your body language or facial expressions, this will be picked up on camera and can come across tense or false. A good photo is a natural one. Holding your breath for poses is a big NO, NO! you will appear uneasy and look very odd UR models London can advise more on this
  • Posture is everything- Keep your back straight, head up, tummy in and shoulders up. Slouching affects the end result and can make a model look awkward or distort a body part, which will make photo look weird. By having good posture you can change your size or shape speak to UR models London for a free model posing guide
  • Symmetry- This old technique is officially out within the world of modelling. Creating angles and asymmetrical poses gives a photo more life, always be aware of what your body and different parts are doing.
  • The Camera- Ok so the camera is obviously your goal but never look directly at it, it doesn’t look natural. Do different poses to create different end results, be creative and see what works for you and the client. You head and neck should remain in place but use your eyes to create a different look, look away from the camera. Also facial expressions that are natural to you make for a better photo.
  • Sitting down- When sitting down for any shoot don’t see this as a break and slack off, in fact this position requires a lot more work. It’s important to put your weight in right place ie on the back of one thigh, rather distributing equally, this creates a slimming effect and stops certain areas coming across huge!
  • Teeth- Show them off and make sure they are clean and white but don’t always show them or over use them. If you smile in each pose it shows lack of model ability and versatility and that’s a big negative for clients. Try different expressions like a frown, cute grin, a laugh, scowl and a pout. You facial expressions can make or break a pose, so work on them and practice!
  • Research your industry and any job plus practicing is a must! Work hard and you will soon see the rewards! or call UR models london  for free advice on modelling


UR Models Testimonials

Ur Models Testimonials

What people are saying about UR Models, real testimonials from their customers

“ I enjoyed every minute of my shoot that UR Models set up, it was fun and I felt like a proper model”  – Sarah, 14


“ I was so anxious about attending the shoot but when arrived everyone one so friendly and immediately made me feel welcome and like I was supposed to be there. I had my hair and make up done by professionals and I can honestly say was the best I have ever looked! I highly recommend UR Models they have changed my life for the better” Natasha, 24

“ If I am honest I was a little sceptical about what UR Models could do for me in the beginning and that’s purely based on the horror stories you read online but as soon as I attended a shoot I can honestly say I had no doubt those people were professionals, they are awesome! “ – Liam, 26

“  I want to thank each and everyone one of the UR Models team, what a top bunch of people and they know literally everything about the modelling world, they gave me tips and advice and to be honest made me realise my potential, my doubts evaporated and I had full confidence in my decision to become a model” Graham, 32

“ I want to thank UR Models for all the help they gave my son, he had such a fun time at the photo shoot and they have helped us get paid work, amazing company and amazing people, thanks again’ Mary, Mum of Jacob 7

“ UR Models are the best!” Jane, 22