UR Models – Investigation

UR Models – Investigation

Investigated – A step by step review on our findings


1) UR Models  – Application & Website

A easy online application done and submitted through their website


Was informative and form itself was very easy to follow and complete

2) Phone Calls, Emails & Deposit

My first contact with Ur Models was with a guy called Tom he firstly was really appreciative for me choosing UR Models and also said he loved my photo and would like to know more about me. We chatted for some time bout my hobbies, interests, aspirations etc then we discussed the modelling industry and told me about different areas of the modelling world which if I am honest I didn’t know existed. Tom was without a doubt clued up, he knew is industry well and this gave me a sense of confidence in the whole process.
Tom went on to tell me that UR Models are not a agency and don’t think of them like that, they work closely with aspiring models and give them the platform to succeed and eventually get paid work. So a advice and guidance service basically. He offered me the opportunity to attend a photo shoot at a real professional studio, he said it would be good for me and an industry expert could then determine my direction in the modelling world. To secure this I had to pay a deposit but a deposit which is fully refundable, he even left me with an authorisation code that I could use to track the payment with my bank, and all of our conversation was then backed up with an email from Tom.

3) Test Shoot

My shoot was a week ago and it was brilliant, it was a completely worthwhile trip. The Makeup, styling, hair and team were amazing, it was friendly vibe but professional beyond words. They organised 5 photo shoots in total, three which took place in their studio and three outside on the street of London (Slightly scary all dressed up) but were all equally great fun, the team also made me feel at ease whenever I got anxious or unsure. The photographer guided me through everything which was so great as I had no clue what I was doing.

Once the shoot ended I went to get some lunch as I was starving and this gave the team a chance to assess the images, this prospect did make me nervous. When I returned I was so pleased to hear I had passed their requirements and had great potential!! I then saw my images and even I thought I looked great, we talked over the industry some more, my direction etc and my consultant when through portfolio packages I could buy if I wanted, there was no pressure. Obviously this was an investigation, I had no dream to be a model so I declined the offer. The deposit was then refund into my bank within 3 working days which is standard banking.

4) Getting Modelling Work

The day after my shoot, Tom the guy I had first spoke to rang me, I explained I didn’t purchase any images but he still wanted to talk and give advice. He gave me advice on agencies and who to contact and also gave me some great advice on working freelance, he told me I would need a portfolio to gain work, so to contact him if I need any more advice.
I am overall very satisfied with the service ur Models gave me, they done exactly what they said they would and all their advice was amazing. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to become a model, you can’t go wrong with help like this.


Male Models

Male Modelling

Over recent years and especially now Male modelling has become of the most lucrative segments in modelling, they are in huge demand and work is offered throughout fashion, skin care and products.

There are many areas within the Male modelling industry so the doors are open to a variety of male models, all ages, shapes and looks are considered.

Some areas of modelling have requirements such as High fashion and Catwalk, you would need to be a model of a certain look and meet height standards of between 5’11 – 6’2


Below are the areas of modelling Male models can go into:

  • Fashion models (Clothing).
  • High fashion models (Designer Clothing).
  • Editorial (Magazines)
  • Runway (Catwalk mostly for designers).
  • Commercial (Adverts i.e. razor blades or health insurance).
  • Catalogue (Online and mail order.)
  • Promotional (Live male modeling work i.e. a trade show).
  • Extras (For TV and film).

To be taken seriously in this industry you portfolio is must, any model needs this important tool to gain work and a reputation. So make sure the images you include are of a high standard, this is the first thing potential employers see before meeting you, so first impressions count. Show diversity as every client wants to see you can adapt to different visions. Also always get a model release form signed by a photographer this enables you to use photos as you wish.


If you are serious about becoming a male model and want the best shot at it then look at the below sites, they have all the info you need and are a great support when entering this daunting industry.