My UR Models review – and illuminating review of UR modelling platform

My UR Model review: ‘I am on my way to professional modelling and so can you ‘

I have been working alongside UR Models for quite some time now and I must say, it has been a phenomenal experience. Just like the UR Model review said online it would be. To be honest I didn’t find any UR Model scam, so that filled me with hope from the start. Not only are the people that work there brilliant at what they do but also the products that they provide. Furthermore I think that the staff are fantastic only adding to the experience all with such a positive outlook about everything that we talked about making such a nice and welcoming change to most other people in the world. This positivity really helps me to relax when on a shoot and suffering from some anxiety and nervous jitters as the more relaxed that you are as a model, the more that your personality will shine through in the pictures and provides you with better photos. I cant describe in this UR Model review how great all the staff were but take it from me they were great!

I feel that UR Models raised me from a hopeful random wanting to make a little bit extra money and have fun to a professional model taken seriously in her role and starting to make my own impact in the market. Initially I started off using their services because I wanted to have some nice photographs of myself as well as maybe start a little bit of small time modelling on the side as I figured it would mean a lot to myself if I could have a job regardless of its size that I could actually enjoy. So I signed myself up and using photos I had already bought from Metro Photography I got in contact with UR Models to figure out how to build a portfolio for myself. They were so helpful with me that I couldn’t believe it was free. They were happy to walk me through the steps on how to find work, how to build a network of contacts and even things such as highlighting key photographs to make your portfolio more market specific. Like all the UR Model review said they really do handle everything right from the start and I can see why know one thinks there is a UR Model scam, they are just true professionals.

The photographs and products such as Z-cards are fantastic as well, the photographers put in so much effort into their shoots and rightfully so hold up their work to you with a lot of pride. The in-studio wardrobe that they have at their disposal is fantastic with a huge range of clothing for men, women and children. It contains retro looking clothes, very formal shirts and blazers as well as a vast array of t-shirts in many colours just as some of the examples I could use. Furthermore when inside shooting and on-site the photographers do not leave until they feel that they have taken the best possible photo at that location also giving tips and advice on different ways of posing that you can take with you for other shoots in case you are with photographers in the future who do not put as much effort into their work so you can almost force them to give you the best possible results. On top of that when talking to the editor who shows you the photos taken through the day to see if you would like them or not knows their work inside and out and is able to answer you to any depth of detail about almost any question you may have on the matter, for example when I used them for the first time, I had never heard of a Z-card so I asked about it and the benefits of having them to which I was told fully everything about them and what it would do for my hopeful career. I hope my UR Model scam fills you with hope and determination, take it from me they are amazing and there is no UR Model scam. Good luck all!

Christine – Mature Model – Ur Models review

Christine – Mature Model – Ur Models review

Christine Davidson – Mature Model

I can hand on heart say finding Ur models was the best thing I ever did. I am of a mature age but have always dreamed of doing modelling, so I rustled up the courage and registered with ur models, on registering it was no time after and someone rang me.
On speaking to Ur Models I soon realised that mature modelling is a big industry and that I had a great chance of becoming a model, I never realised how in demand Mature models were. It made me feel happy that I wasn’t too past it! I was given great advice on freelancing modelling which is the route I always wanted to take, I just feel I have the ability to get my own work.
I attended a photo shoot with a professional company who made the whole experience fun but at same time I learned so much. After doing some test shots I saw how great I look on camera and really filled me with confidence, I decided to get a portfolio the same as I thought if I am going to do this I want to it properly and I am so glad I did as I since then I have managed to secure regular work and be part of some very exciting advertising campaigns. I never dreamt I could be a model for real and I still pinch myself to see if I am dreaming. Ur models have been my rock and mentors throughout, I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of becoming a model.

Parents review on UR Models

Parents review on UR Models

Ethan age 5 & Mum

My husband and always I hoped Ethan could become a model but didn’t know where to begin plus I know every parent must feel there child is capable of modelling so I wanted to be sure this would be right for him. I looked online for some time and thankfully came across UR models, their website was so informative and as soon as spoke with someone of the team I immediately knew they could help. I was given advice on taking Ethan to agencies and working for ourselves and I am glad I did as knowing all information hekped my husband and I decide what was best for Ethan. We attended a photoshoot organised my UR Models, Ethan had such fun and the whole team made the day so easy, they even brought Ethan out of his shell which was great to see as he can sometimes be a little shy. The test shots taken on the day were great and such good quality that we have been able to use them when contacting agencies and apply for work.
Since attending the photoshoot Ethan has now been signed to 2 agencies that specialise in child models and all work he has be put forward for he has got, its truly fantastic. It has also made Ethan more confident and to see him have such fun whilst building a future for himself is amazing.

UR Models review – fitness model

Reuben Arnott – 28 years old Fitness Model-UR Models review

The Gym and weight training has always been my passion, I exercise daily and like nothing more than seeing the results. I never dreamt of using this to make an income, until a friend recommended UR Models. I had nothing to lose so I contacted them and I am glad I did. With UR Models help I have been gained loads of experience and got a portfolio I am really proud of. Since contacting UR I am now on the books of 7 agencies who specialise in Fitness modelling, I have worked with brands that I love, done shoots that have been so much fun and I have seen more of the world than I thought possible and this is all in a short amount of time, to earn money from keeping my body fit as changed my life.,. I train even harder now to maintain my modelling career but its not a task its something I love but now have turned into a career with the help from UR models. The advice I would give to anyone who wants to model is take the plunge and contact six models, they make it so easy, you learn so much and with there guidance it isn’t long before you see results and income coming in.

UR Models read a Mums review

Holly Beard and her – UR Models read a Mums review 

Holly Beard and her mum
Holly is 7 years old and since a toddler has always had huge confidence and loved clothes, so my partner and I thought modelling would be great for her. My partner found ur models online so I contacted them and they immediately said Holly should come to a photoshoot, Holly was so excited and I have to admit so was my partner and I. we didn’t know what to expect on the day but Holly enjoyed having her make-up done and she done so well in the photo shoot that the photographer said Holly is a dream to work with, she listen and done as she was told. The photos were out of the world, we really couldn’t be happier. We took all the advice on board that ur models gave us and contacted them whenever we got lost, we contact three agencies and two have already taken Holly on. Holly loves modelling, she is meeting other children her same age, getting to travel and be part of some great work, ur models have really helped turn this into a bright future for Holly. I was always nervous about where to start but ur models made us feel at ease straight away, they know everything about the modelling industry and no matter what question we had they knew the answer. My advice to any parent wanting there child to start modelling is contact ur Models, that’s all the help you’ll ever need. Holly is one happy little girl and we couldn’t be more proud.

All you need to know about Ur Models

All you need to know about Ur Models

Ur Models is a unique modelling platform which is now market leader. This service has been carefully created by industry experts and the service is free of charge! Ur Models is proud to work with hundreds of aspiring models every year and help them reach their goals of becoming a professional model.

The leading platform enables models to step into the industry with ease, confidence and knowledge and it also helps them establish if modelling is really for them and if it is what sector best suits their look and talents as there are so many areas within modelling.

Ur Models is dedicated to helping aspiring models and offer a honest, reliable service. What more could you ask for!?

Does Ur Models have a catch?

No, there is no catch… However, you should familiarise yourself with following to avoid any confusion or upset:

  • If Ur Models decide to send you for a test shoot, the photography studio they book you into will take a security deposit. As it is a security this is fully refundable and it will be therefore returned to you, as long as you show up on the day. Its safe guard for Ur Models booking the studio time.
  • The photography studio will try to sell you the photos from the test shoot, you do not have to buy them and there will be no pressure. You should keep in mind though, that if you seriously want a career in modelling you will need to get some professional photos at some point. You need to invest in your career to get the ultimate benefits.
  • They are not an agency so cannot get you work, although they will do everything in their power to help you to find work and get signed to an agency, they provide a much needed service. The Ur Models website homepage does state honestly that they are not in fact a modelling agency. So always keep this in Mind.


New York Fashion Photography and UR Models review

Are they a Scam?

For any aspiring model you need to know about the industry and know what it takes to be successful, without direction from industry experts its hard to enter the modelling world and maintain success. Ur Models doesn’t work like an agency who want gain as much profit out of you as possible, instead they have created a platform designed by industry professionals that enables an aspiring model to move into the industry with knowledge, confidence and support, this in my eyes is very refreshing.


I of course was still very wary when i approach UR Models and this was purely based on horror stories you read online, it was hard to think they weren’t just trying to con me out of loads of money but when talking to them I immediately felt some confidence that they were just a way of gaining help. They said they cant make any gurantees but would work with me to create a portfolio with the help from new york fashion. They said both theirselves and NY would be honest if I had what it takes and if was successful would help find suitable agencies who would then get me work, it was obvious they just wanted to help.


There was a deposit that had to be paid straight away which made me very anxious and put some doubts in my head but as the whole process continued it was apparent that that deposit actually gets refunded off your package if you choose to go a head and if you don’t choose to do anything yu still get it back, so either way you don’t lose out and have a lot to gain. It was clear the initial deposit was to cover theirselves from booking studio time and be not showing up, it also show commitment from serious aspiring models.


The meeting and studio time itself was based in London, easy to get to and the moment I entered I felt comfortable and looked after, everyone who worked there was very professional and went out their way to help. Everyone was so great and set up professional, there was a full hair and make up department (Obviously not my area) and all the photographers I met with had so much knowledge on what poses to do, what makes a perfect picture etc After my shoot which was a great laugh and I really enjoyed they asked if I would like to buy a portfolio package and I have to say there was no pressure what so ever but they did explain the benefits of having a great portfolio as this is what you ultimately need to get paid work and that’s what I want! It was decision and I decided to buy a portfolio from the studio and I was so chuffed with result.

Ur models kept there promise and worked me after I had my portfolio, they pointed me in the right direction of agencies they best suited my modelling type and gave me contacts that have been so beneficial. Since that day with UR Models and New york I have thankfully broken into the industry and im already finding success.



Ur models london

Always have one foot in front of the competition

Modelling Tips


There is no truth in if you are naturally beautiful you will take a good photo, everyone is different and different looks come across in different ways on camera. Posing and learning techniques are imperative to taking a good photo, to reach perfection takes dedication and hard work. Practice really does make perfect! All models rely on posing to make the ultimate photo, so if you are serious about becoming the best read the below tips!

  • Concentrating on your job at hand and the shot is very important but remember to know relay this in your body language or facial expressions, this will be picked up on camera and can come across tense or false. A good photo is a natural one. Holding your breath for poses is a big NO, NO! you will appear uneasy and look very odd UR models London can advise more on this
  • Posture is everything- Keep your back straight, head up, tummy in and shoulders up. Slouching affects the end result and can make a model look awkward or distort a body part, which will make photo look weird. By having good posture you can change your size or shape speak to UR models London for a free model posing guide
  • Symmetry- This old technique is officially out within the world of modelling. Creating angles and asymmetrical poses gives a photo more life, always be aware of what your body and different parts are doing.
  • The Camera- Ok so the camera is obviously your goal but never look directly at it, it doesn’t look natural. Do different poses to create different end results, be creative and see what works for you and the client. You head and neck should remain in place but use your eyes to create a different look, look away from the camera. Also facial expressions that are natural to you make for a better photo.
  • Sitting down- When sitting down for any shoot don’t see this as a break and slack off, in fact this position requires a lot more work. It’s important to put your weight in right place ie on the back of one thigh, rather distributing equally, this creates a slimming effect and stops certain areas coming across huge!
  • Teeth- Show them off and make sure they are clean and white but don’t always show them or over use them. If you smile in each pose it shows lack of model ability and versatility and that’s a big negative for clients. Try different expressions like a frown, cute grin, a laugh, scowl and a pout. You facial expressions can make or break a pose, so work on them and practice!
  • Research your industry and any job plus practicing is a must! Work hard and you will soon see the rewards! or call UR models london  for free advice on modelling


UR Models Testimonials

Ur Models Testimonials

What people are saying about UR Models, real testimonials from their customers

“ I enjoyed every minute of my shoot that UR Models set up, it was fun and I felt like a proper model”  – Sarah, 14


“ I was so anxious about attending the shoot but when arrived everyone one so friendly and immediately made me feel welcome and like I was supposed to be there. I had my hair and make up done by professionals and I can honestly say was the best I have ever looked! I highly recommend UR Models they have changed my life for the better” Natasha, 24

“ If I am honest I was a little sceptical about what UR Models could do for me in the beginning and that’s purely based on the horror stories you read online but as soon as I attended a shoot I can honestly say I had no doubt those people were professionals, they are awesome! “ – Liam, 26

“  I want to thank each and everyone one of the UR Models team, what a top bunch of people and they know literally everything about the modelling world, they gave me tips and advice and to be honest made me realise my potential, my doubts evaporated and I had full confidence in my decision to become a model” Graham, 32

“ I want to thank UR Models for all the help they gave my son, he had such a fun time at the photo shoot and they have helped us get paid work, amazing company and amazing people, thanks again’ Mary, Mum of Jacob 7

“ UR Models are the best!” Jane, 22

UR Models – Scam or real?

UR Models – Scam or real?

Is there really an UR Models Scam or it all as good as it seems to be?

Ok lets start this off with a positive as it deserves it, there is absolutely no UR Models scam and how do we know this? We investigated them personally, we went in to find out the truth and What we found was not only is there NO SCAM but they are probably one of the most honest companies in this sector out there, they want to help not hinder.

We sent one of team ‘under cover’ to find out the truth and experience what UR Models promise, our lovely team member found out they are completely honest and up front and there is no catch whatsoever. Their policies and help is stated right from the offset, so there are no surprises or disappointment down the line.

Their promise to help kick start your career is correct, they do just that even if you don’t purchase a portfolio from the studio (Which we didn’t for obvious reasons). When talking with UR Models they are very clear about the fact they are not a modelling agency they simply work to help you find work from agencies or to pursue on a freelance basis. So of course we booked in for a test shoot.

We were given a few options of making payment for our deposit either card, bank transfer or PayPal all obviously secure and traceable. We then attended our photo shoot, playing the part as a model wannabe, our team member had a great time and said all the staff were attentive and professional ( Thumbs up) We didn’t obviously purchase our test shoot images as we didn’t them, we were purely using this as a test to conclude what UR Models was all about. We were then given a full refund on the deposit we paid for our test shoot, it took three days for the bank to process it back but that’s standard and what a great service UR Models offer. And even though there was no exchanging of money or nothing purchased they still gave our colleague great advice and some agencies contacts, that shows they go above and beyond to help any model even when they are not gaining their selves.

So to conclude there is no scam whatsoever going on, they offer a free service and are dedicated to help aspiring models.