UR Models ‘Undercover’

UR Models ‘Undercover’

UR Models Review – A step by step of our ‘Undercover’ experience of UR Models.


1) UR Models Review – Application & Website

Online application submitted via their website www.ur-models.co.uk
The website was very user friendly and easy to navigate, form to register was simple and easy to follow

2) UR Models Review – Phone Call, Emails, contact & Deposit.

The call after registering was very good, we learnt a lot and got to talk in depth with someone who seemed to know there job very well, which was refreshing. The rep was very friendly as well, they were easy to talk to. We were offered a modelling test shoot, which is used as a way of being assessed and seeing our modelling abilities. A deposit for this shoot was taken via my card for £50, this is just to safe guard both parties and not waste the photo studios time, We understood the need.

3) UR Models Review – Assessment Shoot

The assessment shoot was a lot of fun and the staff immediately built up a good rapport with me.  They made the whole day a great experience and we definitely learnt a lot about the industry and what it was like to be in front of the camera. The professionalism was not as obvious as the competitors, but i couldn’t help but wonder if this gave them an edge… as in not trying too hard, so go over the top which can make you think they are trying to cover something up….

The portfolio that was put together for me was of an amazing standard. For obvious reasons I declined the purchase and was then refunded as promised my deposit. If you are serious about becoming model this is definitely a great service which enables you to get going with ease, a must for any model wannabe.


18 thoughts on “UR Models ‘Undercover’”

  1. I have had agreat experience. everyone shuld register they just want to help

  2. who has had bad experience??

  3. I have just registered, hope to get phone call back soon!

  4. trust them, they are really good and efficient

  5. I think they are superb

  6. they directed me to agencies and i now get paid work.

  7. got my daughters photos today and they amaazing!

  8. I am taking my son next week and he is so excited to be in front of camera, they have given me so much advice that i feel super confident about them.

  9. who has a test shoot? mine is booked for next week and I am so excited!!

  10. they helped me become a male model, i have no regrets other than not finding them sooner

  11. I am going to join this advice centre. deffo trust them

  12. I have used them and i have nothing bad to say. they are great

  13. UK models ARE really professional and they know models really well

  14. refreshing to find companies who care and not want to ripp you off!

  15. I am registering after reading this

  16. I love UK mODELS they helped me loads, they offer a great service ancd keep their word

  17. I am now booking my test shoot, sounds great and is definately experience every new model needs. glad their are companies iut to help with this

  18. Great artilcle thanks for posting this x

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