UR Models Are they a good company?

UR Models 

Are they a good company? 

UR Models is a modelling platform which enables models to get into the industry, they offer advice, support and direction. There are a few different companies like this in the industry but do your research and you will find the best ones.

Is UR a good company?
The question on every aspiring lips and the answer to this is yes they most certainly are without question one of the best in the market. They have a team of industry professionals who work alongside the best in the industry like agencies, casting directors and photographers.

So what is UR Models?
They are a platform which has been designed by people with a huge amount of experience. When any aspiring model enters the world of modelling its often a very scary and daunting and to be frank not clear where to start and this is why so many models fail to conquer their dreams as model. But with there unique system they give you priceless advice and guidance and support you every step of the way.

Will UR Models get you work?
To be clear UR Models is NOT agency so they will not get you work but what they will do is support you, give you all tools and direct you to agencies who will then get you work. With their help you will get to paid work quicker and maintain a healthy career.

With over 12 year’s of experience in the industry UR will get you to where you want to be and they have locations in both London and Manchester.

5 thoughts on “UR Models Are they a good company?”

  1. Do modelling platforms give you names of best agecnies??

  2. I wouldnt trust anyone else for advice other than lux models. also heard six models are good though from a friend

  3. I got advice and decided to work freelanced and it has worked for me.

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