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Since going with UR models I have had so many calls for jobs I’m actually staring in hollyoaks over Christmas. You guys should look out for me. My phone has been none stop ringing with job offers. People are finding me for jobs now not the other way around. I dont even have to look anymore.
I think the best part of my day was when I was having my shoot done it was super fun. Me and the photographer had a good laugh. And my worst part of the day was when my heel broke and I fell off the kirb! Still quite hilarious though! A lot of people did stare and have a giggle but that was okay I found it quite entertaining myself x

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  1. Model Advice Centre says:

    Ive had a brilliant time at ur models they really are a top class company. They were very friendly to me and gave me some really good advice and beauty tips. I was totally amazed that I was able to doll myself up in 15 minutes if not less.

    They must have had a right field day with me because my hair looked like I had been dragged through a thorn bush.
    And unfortunately my face has always looked like this, I got crows feet at the age of 26 .
    Gutted I was. But they filled them wrinkles with no problem haha I’m now 43.

    I had a fabulous day having my photos done I felt like royalty ive never had an experience like it even tho it was just a treat and nothing work related I wish I could do it as a full time job. (Unfortunately for me I’m an accountant)

    Thank you so much ur models you’ve made me one happy lady.


  2. Model Advice Centre says:

    had a wonderful time with Ur models. I didn’t do to bad for an old bird so my husband says think he’s funny but I really enjoyed my day mainly because the people who work there was lovely to me and id only gone for the Day enjoy myself not to get any work for me or anything like that im a little too old for that I’m almost 60 haha.

    I really enjoyed having my makeup done by Marcus he was lovely he was ever so chatty I enjoyed his company whilst having my makeup done I have to say they filled my wrinkles really well.

    I really appreciate it being there as it was a present for my 60th anniversary from my husband I used to do modelling back in the day but nothing quite compared to this UR models is a brilliant company to go with I think they were just wonderful.

  3. Model Advice Centre says:

    had a top day at UR models it was really cool I had a proper blast with the staff. Some really cool people work at there. I’m that sort of person who wishes he was like them. They are an awesome team!

    Thank you so much ur models you’ve proper boosted my confidence. It was cool spending the day with you guys and I hope to spend many more because I got accepted and I’m so glad I did its the best thing over ever done. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    I’m so glad I made it into the modeling industry its like a secretly hidden amazing world that isn’t praised enough!

  4. Model Advice Centre says:

    Oh man I never leave reviews my friends are calling me a saddo leaving this review. But I don’t really care because I did have a pretty mint day so the opinions don’t really matter I went for my test you on the 1st of December and I enjoyed it from start to finish.

    Even for a lad and I know it’s not pretty much a to admit it but I have my makeup done it covered all my acne I even asked for the name and make of the foundation because it did a great job covering my acne.

    I look pretty dapper I don’t care what anybody says because I know I looked hot thank you ur models because I’ve always wanted to be a model so because you accepted me that just put the cherry on top of my cake and let me know that I could actually do it.

    I’m no longer a procrastinator thanks to ur models I now live in the moment I love it. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me thank you so much from Jack.

  5. Model Advice Centre says:

    I love ur models so much I have been with them for all of one month however I have been with other companies who are not all that good. But ur models was amazing. I have had 5 jobs already

    I think its my charm hahaha but honestly I had a brilliant day from start to finish and I couldn’t fault any of you thank you so much for all your hard work and all the effort and time you put into me

    I hope that I get offered jobs from my test shoot because I have figured it is what I love doing there is nothing I would rather be doing that strutting my stuff

    THANKYOU so very much

  6. Model Advice Centre says:

    Never in all my days have I had an experience like it. It was completely out of this world I always thought modeling was some sort of joke and was never really true but it couldn’t be further than the truth. It was teriffic! I loved it in every way.

    I had so much for I even got my portfolio the same day I was amazed at how good I looked in my photographs as I even needed convincing it was me. I hard a hard time believing it but I have to say I did look very exceptional.

  7. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had the best day ever it was a great I enjoyed it so much I especially loved how kind everybody was and willing to help me as I suffer quite bad with anxiety I soon got out of that when I realised that I had nothing to worry about and honestly if you let it it will be the best day of your life I couldn’t have asked for anything better really enjoyed having a fun filled day with loads of fun people have my photos done being glammed up looking like a top class model so i cant thank you enough for everything you’ve done even a little tips and tricks that you’ve taught me I’m sure they will come in handy I’ve not had chance to use them yet but I will soon and I will see you again soon thank you very much

  8. Model Advice Centre says:

    I can’t believe how fun Ur models made it seem to have my hair and make-up done by somebody else yeah there was no fat in it didn’t take it hours to get ready they had it done they have me looking absolutely splendid within 20 minutes I really love mixing imagine up my outfit for my shoe and enjoyed going outside for my shoe even though it’s a little bit rainy but it just added to the photographs and I thought they were really nice I also like doing inside because inside the building is nice and bright and colourful and it just automatically put you in a good mood for the whole day so thank you

  9. Model Advice Centre says:

    can’t actually believe it me of all people managed to make it as a model I’m not bragging or anything however I really did have the most brilliant day with the most vibrant people I couldn’t ask for anything better so I got accepted over 3 months ago and I recently just gone and done some more work with ur models and I managed to get into doing the catwalk which I was so impressed with because I never thought I would reach to be where I am today however then tables don’t really really quickly I can’t believe me of all got this am so happy thank you

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