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Real cool day with ur models they were fabulous they really helped me to get my foot into the door of the modelling industry its like a dream come true for me I can’t believe ive finally managed to get my chance and I got accepted by ur models this made me so happy.
I loved the way the staff treated me they was so nice to me. We had some good fun and they made my experience amazing. They were very friendly they went out there way to make me happy so thank you so very muchly

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  1. Model Advice Centre says:

    I love love love ur models I have been with them for the last six months and honestly they are great I couldn’t ask for anything more from them and there continuous support all the way through they are always on hand to help or advise me.

    If I have an issue ur models will resolve it very quickly and efficiently they are just an all round fabulous company I couldn’t ask for any better. There an amazing crew with pure skill.

    I would highly recommend ur models to all my friends and family. They are the best company by far. Thank you so much :)

  2. Model Advice Centre says:

    I am absolutely buzzin right now. I went with ur models four weeks ago and I got accepted.
    I have just received my web folio and It looks amazing. I looked amazing not to toot my own horn or anything.

    I just tried to upload a picture and realised I can’t :( my not all the computer savvy to be honest but what I am is a really fit model with a lot of potential thanks to urmodels.

    I had a really cool day with you guys you made me feel right at home no awkwardness just me being myself and nobody judging I loved it. I can’t wait to show everybody! Yessss I’m going to brag about it I’m also going to recommend you amazing people.

  3. Model Advice Centre says:

    My daughter had a great day at ur models she really really loved it I booked the shoot three weeks ago I got a shoot five days later. The reason I had originally booked it was to cheer her up as a few girls were picking on her and she came home crying. Calling herself ugly so I wanted her to have a bit of a boost.

    When we arrived Jennie had her make up done followed by hair with lots of glitter she was loved being pampered then she moved onto the photographs done she was loving posing and having so much fun! It really boosted her confidence and she loved it so thank you you really are the best x x

  4. Model Advice Centre says:

    What a super fun day me and my friend had at ur models she was having a proper fun time we had a laugh and really enjoyed having our make up done. Local place to be I’ve never been to one of these places before because I could never really afford it but when I applied and I got an email asking me to come along for a test shoot was the happiest day I’ve ever had just because then I got given a chance and I got accepted as well and I couldn’t have asked for anything better to be honest they really did make my day now just wait and see if I got work for a bit amazing people who do absolutely amazing things and deserve an awful lot of credit for it so thank you very much ur models

  5. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had such a delightful day, I set of the night before my test shoot as I live in Belfast so its quite a long way to London I stayed in the hotel about a ten minutes walk away, so that wasnt to bad.

    I really likes my day just turning up to the studio made me happy I’m finally in the one place I never thought I would be. I was extremely excited for my test shoot I really wanted to make something of this once in a life time experience.

    So I had my hair and make up done and I was loving it living the life of a model being pampered by somebody else and not having to spend hours on my make up.

    My hair looked fabulous. It was the best start of the day I could have wished for. Then I loved on to having my photographs taken by mark. I felt like a million dollars it was great.

    Thank you

  6. Model Advice Centre says:

    What a brilliant day I can’t thank you enough for helping have an insight into the modelling world. And how they helped me understand what modelling is about and how my day could potentially lead to me having a career.

    They are a brilliant team I had an awesome time they was so nice to me they gave me a few tips or hacks whichever you call them. So I now have new hacks I have tried out for make up and hair and I couldn’t be happier.

    They really Made my day complete. I was expecting the amount of care and help that I received but they went all out make sure I was comfortable so thank you so much x x

  7. Model Advice Centre says:

    What an epic day I had it was really cool the staff are nice and we had a good laugh and I felt right at home. Its the first time ive ever done modelling and I really enjoyed it.

    My day started off with make up then hair not that I have much of it then we went on to have our photographs taken. I liked the outside shoots it was a bit breezy and cold but well worth it.

    I also borrowed a leather jacket from the studios as I didnt bring one but it went nice with my blue jeans and cowboyish boots.

    I couldn’t be happier thanks a bunch ur
    Five stars from me.

  8. Model Advice Centre says:

    My day with ur was really nice it started off with make up and then hair and then we paired my outfits together and I had borrowed some accessories from them which was very nice of them to let me borrow them.

    Then we started on my shoot I felt like everybody’s eyes was on me. It was a very enjoyable day I really liked doing my shoots inside and outside however outside was my favourite just in the local streets but all the passerby’s was staring at me in wow. It was really fun.

    Thank you ur models x

  9. Model Advice Centre says:

    What a fabulous time I had at my shoot it really was great the staff was so nice and polite I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better day. I had honestly felt like I had won’t the lottery. You really made me feel so happy and comfortable.

    You have made me memories that will last a life time. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this happy it really is a great feeling. Ive never felt better I was so glammed up and feeling fine :)

    Loved it so much thank you see you soon

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