UR Modelling

Ur Models is the best place to be no I have been through a few different platforms and most of them weren’t all that great if I’m being honest however when I went to ur models I really enjoyed myself I felt like I was part of the crew there and might I say just what an amazing crew they are they can work wonders and they’re always very happy they’re always on hand to help should you need it they made me feel really comfortable and I couldn’t thank them enough for what they have done and what they have helped me to do because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have made it to get to where I am now so massive thanks ur models I couldn’t ask for anything more.

One thought on “UR Modelling”

  1. Model Advice Centre says:

    It was so great working alongside the ur models team ok so fair enough they was doing everything but they just did a great job on the hair and make-up photos the moon look so glamorous and I honestly have never been pampered and treated the way that they treated me it was so nice to be looked after through change instead of looking after everybody else I finally got me time which was really nice really enjoyable I got my portfolio the same day and yesterday I had received my webfolio honestly I’m absolutely over the moon at all the hard work they never fail to impress me so then a massive thanks to you. I’d highly recommend ur models to anybody who asked about a modelling career

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