All you need to know about Ur Models

All you need to know about Ur Models

Ur Models is a unique modelling platform which is now market leader. This service has been carefully created by industry experts and the service is free of charge! Ur Models is proud to work with hundreds of aspiring models every year and help them reach their goals of becoming a professional model.

The leading platform enables models to step into the industry with ease, confidence and knowledge and it also helps them establish if modelling is really for them and if it is what sector best suits their look and talents as there are so many areas within modelling.

Ur Models is dedicated to helping aspiring models and offer a honest, reliable service. What more could you ask for!?

Does Ur Models have a catch?

No, there is no catch… However, you should familiarise yourself with following to avoid any confusion or upset:

  • If Ur Models decide to send you for a test shoot, the photography studio they book you into will take a security deposit. As it is a security this is fully refundable and it will be therefore returned to you, as long as you show up on the day. Its safe guard for Ur Models booking the studio time.
  • The photography studio will try to sell you the photos from the test shoot, you do not have to buy them and there will be no pressure. You should keep in mind though, that if you seriously want a career in modelling you will need to get some professional photos at some point. You need to invest in your career to get the ultimate benefits.
  • They are not an agency so cannot get you work, although they will do everything in their power to help you to find work and get signed to an agency, they provide a much needed service. The Ur Models website homepage does state honestly that they are not in fact a modelling agency. So always keep this in Mind.


27 thoughts on “All you need to know about Ur Models”

  1. My son goes for shoot in two weeks,we both cant wait. little star in the making

  2. i went to some conpany for help and they were awful and charged me, i will try these,. thanks

  3. love them, love them, love them

  4. I am excited i got my phone call a min a go/!

  5. My sister and i are both in our 40’s and we got work thrigh just getting right help with these, dont doubt their abilities,

  6. Does anyone know good fashion agencies? will these people know?

  7. Thats great Emma Louise, good on yiu. I am going to contact them today

  8. Emma Louise says:

    I am now a model, full time and it was thankss to these lot. trust them

  9. Malgorzata says:

    i love this company and do as they say they will

  10. I got my z card after getting advice form these and they are great. you get loads of work if you know where to start

  11. Lisa marie says:

    Thanks linda, i cant wait.

  12. I am have a it was great, you leanred loads

  13. Lisa marie says:

    who else has had a shoot!

  14. I cant wait to go for shoot, model time

  15. I got my photos yesterday they are super duper

  16. I am excited got my call back

  17. are they good with teenagers? i want to register daughter

  18. I am going to my first casting tomorrow, this is all thancks to six models

  19. My wife and i took our twin boys in for a shoot they organised and it ws great

  20. I am meeting them next week, i cant wait. wish me luck

  21. They are great at heelping mature models as well as the younsters

  22. I am going to resgiistered today! i am so excited

  23. Alessandro says:

    I went six models after reading this, thaks for help

  24. I agree top people this plaace’

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