21 thoughts on “UR Models – are they still taking new models on?”

  1. Worked my ass off to be told no not happy.

  2. Still with me two years after my shoot can’t fault them.

  3. Staff always have time to help me.

  4. Do they do family modelling.

  5. Great shoot lots of fun.

  6. They made me feel beautiful.

  7. I suffer with anxiety this helped a lot thank you.

  8. Had such a good experience.

  9. Made my experience epic.

  10. I plan for modelling to be my future.

  11. I got paid work all thanks to you.

  12. I’m a plus size and got accepted wait for work

  13. This is the place to be.

  14. Happy people on a Monday – raining

  15. I got declined it made me feel bad

  16. I looked like I actually had my life together for a day.

  17. If I got a job I would move to London…fingers crossed.

  18. Mixed feelings over here :(

  19. Some people are muppets on here there excuses should not matter and count as a review.

  20. Do they do outdoor modelling?

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