UR Models – Scam or real?

UR Models – Scam or real?

Is there really an UR Models Scam or it all as good as it seems to be?

Ok lets start this off with a positive as it deserves it, there is absolutely no UR Models scam and how do we know this? We investigated them personally, we went in to find out the truth and What we found was not only is there NO SCAM but they are probably one of the most honest companies in this sector out there, they want to help not hinder.

We sent one of team ‘under cover’ to find out the truth and experience what UR Models promise, our lovely team member found out they are completely honest and up front and there is no catch whatsoever. Their policies and help is stated right from the offset, so there are no surprises or disappointment down the line.

Their promise to help kick start your career is correct, they do just that even if you don’t purchase a portfolio from the studio (Which we didn’t for obvious reasons). When talking with UR Models they are very clear about the fact they are not a modelling agency they simply work to help you find work from agencies or to pursue on a freelance basis. So of course we booked in for a test shoot.

We were given a few options of making payment for our deposit either card, bank transfer or PayPal all obviously secure and traceable. We then attended our photo shoot, playing the part as a model wannabe, our team member had a great time and said all the staff were attentive and professional ( Thumbs up) We didn’t obviously purchase our test shoot images as we didn’t them, we were purely using this as a test to conclude what UR Models was all about. We were then given a full refund on the deposit we paid for our test shoot, it took three days for the bank to process it back but that’s standard and what a great service UR Models offer. And even though there was no exchanging of money or nothing purchased they still gave our colleague great advice and some agencies contacts, that shows they go above and beyond to help any model even when they are not gaining their selves.

So to conclude there is no scam whatsoever going on, they offer a free service and are dedicated to help aspiring models.


13 thoughts on “UR Models – Scam or real?”

  1. dont know who would ever call them fake they are amazng!

  2. great people and great company

  3. trust them, best thing you will ever do

  4. there is nothing fake abut these guys

  5. only great words to say, truely a great team of professionals

  6. I am now modelling full time, i do fitness modelling and doing really well. trust these, they do what they say on the tin

  7. I am 17 and already doing paid work. and thats cause my mum took me to see these, dont ever doubt them they only want to help

  8. who has registered? I am still nervous

  9. great advice, good to hear they offer a truthful service

  10. super excited mum here, just booked my son in for shoot! top model here we come!

  11. anne marie says:

    I registered last week and laready got my shoot booked. it all moves super quick

  12. I just register cant wait to hear form them

  13. definatrly not a scam. great staff who all want to help

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