133 thoughts on “ur models should i sign with them?”

  1. Benji's mom says:

    My four year old really enjoyed his day and he had so much fun thank you x

  2. I had a crazy day. Was awesome.

  3. First time modelling and I loved it x

  4. I really enjoyed watching my three daughters model. It was nice to see them getting along for a change you’ve made me a happier father thank you ur.

  5. Loved exploring the new side to me there no changing me now! Thanks ur models

  6. Thankfully I got recommend to you guys through my friend best thing I ever did. Ide never go back now.

  7. Really cool and different day for me :)

  8. Man what an epic shoot cheers guys.

  9. I didnt enjoy it at all I thought I would but it bored me plus I got declined

  10. I went and got accepted however decided it was not modeling I want to do so I start the theatre instead! Lovely team tho x

  11. I thought I would hate it I have bad anxiety but I loved it so much.

  12. Its my dream job and esquire helped my dream come true.

  13. My day absolutely rocked thanks !!!

  14. Had a blooming marvelous day.

  15. Cool day I really enjoyed it.

  16. After going to esquire I got to star in corrie!

  17. Pretty cool day can’t wait to return with my daughter.

  18. I ordered my portfolio the same day. It was awesome.

  19. I got declined which I think is unfair. I did my best.

  20. I travelled from Ireland and loved every minute of my shoot well worth the travelling.

  21. Had a massive grin on my face from start to finish thank you so much. One very happy lady.

  22. Lived watching my daughter strutting her stuff and enjoying herself.

  23. I had a mint day with esquire models.

  24. Had a good day and lots of fun too! I didnt get accepted tho.

  25. I make alot of dolla because of this company. Were talking over £1000 a month.

  26. What a bunch of arseholes they declined my daughter she was heart broken.

  27. I used most of there stuff rather than mine i felt amazing in doing so. i felt glam.

  28. Brilliant company i love working with them.

  29. It would be okay if i actually made it as a model.

  30. Wasnt the best but ive had alot worse.

  31. Trevorgarrett says:

    What a bunch of crap. Awful company they declined me.

  32. I got my portfolio the same day they are quick and efficiant :)

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