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Hi my name is Karen you may remember me from a few weeks ago I came in with my 5 year old autistic daughter Ruby she was very scared and nervous you see the thing is with children who have autism they don’t like change and she was ok up until having her outfits changed and then she had a complete and utter meltdown but there was a really nice member of staff his name was Jack and he helped Ruby quite a lot to settle down he understood autism very well which wasn’t something that I was expecting.
Jack said we could have a little break for a bit and he sat with her whilst I went to go and get a hot chocolate and by the time I came back Ruby was laughing and back to her normal self then we continue with the photoshoot and she was loving it doing all the different poses having a giggle and dancing in the rain so thank you ur models you really did put a shine on our day.


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  1. Model Advice Centre says:

    I loved watching my son Elliot own the place with all his cool poses he had such a fun time and really enjoyed himself he can’t wait to go back.

    he’s been none stop talking about tma models since his photoshoot. He really did love it. He was telling all his friends about how cool it was and how its like a completely different place we did make a break of it and stayed in london from Thursday to sunday.

    He was absolutely beside himself with excitement he said he felt like royalty. Everyone was so nice to him and that he wishes everyone at ur models was in his class then he would have lots of friends .

    He really did enjoy himself so thank you so much for everything you did for my little boy I think he will remember this forever.

  2. Model Advice Centre says:

    What an absolute Whopper I am so I turned out very excited last week for my shoot at ur models just to get there and realise that I hadn’t brought the things that I need it because I was so excited I was in such a hurry to get there that I actually forgot my suitcase full of my outfits for them for her shoes that day however luckily enough I did turn up an hour and a half earlier than I was supposed to so I did go shopping and bought some new clothes and some new shoes and other accessories which is a good job really because I needed some new thing so is a great excuse to go out shopping I can’t thank ur models enough because they were just so nice to be in the put so much effort into me and they help me out when they had realised I didn’t bring anything they showed me around places to get new outfits.

  3. Model Advice Centre says:

    I just really want to know one thing I guess is how are you no how long after you’re shoot that you are going to get job offers however quite a few reviews and they say all I got job offers of 3/4 jobs and I’m just wondering when my breakthrough become as I did this you over a week ago now and I still haven’t had a job offer I had originally thought that straight after the shoot I would be offered a job however that isn’t the case and with it coming up to Christmas and growing a little bit impatient I guess I’ll just have to sit and wait.
    Although I did have a really awesome photoshoot so thank you ur models.

  4. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had a really cool afternoon with ur models however I did have to cut it short because I got an emergency phone call to go home which was a shame because I didn’t get to finish my whole shoot.

    I’m really hoping to go back in January and redo my shoot as I did enjoy it and I liked all the staff who work there they were ever so kind and understanding towards me. I’m hoping to make a proper go of it in January and I would just like to give a shoutout to Katie who is ever so patient with me whilst I was having a mini meltdown trying to pack of my things up as fast as I could to get home to my emergency.

    I really wasn’t ideal but it couldn’t have been helped however what I had of the day which was my hair my makeup and a few photos taken I really enjoyed myself and I hope to see you again in January thank you very much ur models.

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