Modelling Scams – Warning Signs

Modelling Scams
– Warning Signs

Sadly in every industry, all over the world there are specially designed scams out there to take advantage of people and the modelling industry is no different. There is a huge amount of modelling scams out there ready to cost aspiring models a huge amount of money and time, they rip people off by promising the world and delivering nothing other than an empty bank account. They always demand a huge amount of money up front but in return you get nothing, no career and before you have a chance to asks questions your money has already long gone. These awful enterprises prey upon your hopes and dreams plus take advantage on the fact you probably don’t know much about the industry. This disgusting side of the industry is forever growing but be mindful and doing your research will stop you falling victim as well.

Things to look at and beware of:

  • Newspaper classified ads, Gumtree adverts, Craigslist ads etc When they state they are looking for models this is for the Nude & Glamour industry ie Models for adult entertainment.
  • Joining fees- It is illegal for adult (not child) modelling agencies to charge you a joining fee. Remember this
  • Guarantee of work- No agency or anyone in facet can guarantee this, this kind of statement will be more than likely a modelling scam.
  • Emails that are from accounts like Gmail, Yahoo- A professional company will always have a professional email ie @theircompanyname – Free accounts like the mentioned could be anyone trying to scam you- So ignore.
  • Messages on Facebook- A genuine agency will not search through Facebook looking for people, so never respond and report if this becomes harassing in anyway. If you want to find genuine companies and want to avoid being scammed look up UR Models.



6 thoughts on “Modelling Scams – Warning Signs”

  1. I am a mature model, I used a company called ur models and they look after just mature models which is great.

  2. i got my fingers burned few years ago, its hard but its so great to have sites like this and know there is still great companoes out there. I used six models and they are amazing, they have helped me become a success and I know do modelling full time,.

  3. why are their so many companies out there to hurt us wannabe models, its so cruel

  4. I am going to use these.

  5. Use ur models they guide you through all of this and helps you avoid getting harmed,

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