I am really pleased with UR models they exceeded my expectations what a great experience I have had.

I am really pleased with UR models they exceeded my expectations what a great experience I have had.
 I went to UR models more out of curiosity than anything else. No I never write reviews but I had to here I had a fantastic time the place was great and the staff were awesome.
 Since I went to UR models i had so many jobs coming my way I feel so much better. I am a person who suffers really bad with nervousness and anxiety I struggle with self-confidence but went for the photo shoot.
UR models staff made me feel beautiful and lifted my confidence up so thank you for a great experience I couldn’t be more proud of my photo shoot thank you for making me look great I was extremely impressed on how fast and efficient this company was to get me introduced to the modelling industry and make me successful.
They are brilliant people and they can work absolute wonders my confidence has shot right through the roof and I’m no longer nervous I like to show off my photos to my friends and family.
 I have some of my photographs on my  fireplace at home and I don’t mind them being out since going to UR models and now have high end jobs because of these people and I love them. My night end jobs  involve catwalks model and TV adverts I feel like anything is possible now.

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  1. Model Advice Centre says:

    I went to UR models and I had a really fantastic time. They were really good to me. When I arrived I was greeted by Adam he gave me some paperwork to fill out it took no longer than 5 minutes which was okay then I was seated comfortably while I waited there was a cool music list playing and also a tv on so I wasnt bored whilst waiting for them to finish up.

    I quickly nipped next door for some lunch whilst I was waiting. When I had came back they was ready for me, so I went over to the make up artist and she put some foundation on me as I have a beard I have bad irritations on my face and it’s really noticeable however the make up artist made me look like I had clear skin I was so wowed by this I even asked her for the make!

    I dont wear make up but this made my self confidence boom! I looked awesome. I was so happy with my new look! As soon as I finished at GT models I went and bought the foundation that lisa had written down for me. Thank you!

    I then moved on to having my hair styled and even the beard had a nice little touch up!
    Now I looked better than ever I totally rocked this new look.

    We then went outside and had the photoshoot done and it was a windy day but temperature wide it was okay. I was wearing my leather jacket and my jeans with a chain on them and my boots I looked so damn hot.

    I then then had my shoot done inside and with that came a lot of enjoyment and a lot props I could use like the walking stick with a dragon on the top just my shoot of nicely. It was so cool.

    Thank you so much UR models I couldn’t thank you enough for the awesome day you gave me and giving me a new life style that I love so much.

  2. Model Advice Centre says:

    Hi my name is Carl I went to ur models about a month ago no I don’t succeed in everything I do but this I did I was left absolutely gobsmacked two days ago when I got a call offering me a job no yes it is only for River Island but it’s still a job and it gets me £900

    which not only makes me extremely happy but makes me think you know what,I can do this and I’m quite happy I’ve done this and it’s all thanks to ur models so thank you very much in helping me get this far all the tips and advice that you have given me to get to where I am today and highly recommend you to anybody who asks.

    Going to ur models is one of the best things I’ve ever done and I will be forever thankful. The vibes I got from the staff at GT models we’re good.

    I feel like an last few weeks I have achieved a lot the things and my life can only get better from Here on Out you guys really did a fabulous job on me thank you very much.

  3. Model Advice Centre says:

    I really did enjoy using the props no I did with my own things but I got kind of jealous because there’s looks a whole lot better than what I had bro and I wanted to look top class if I was going to get into the modelling industry.

    So I have decided that I was going to borrow one of the dresses a pair of shoes and an umbrella it wasn’t raining outside but the other umbrella would have been great for effect on the photos and well I wasn’t wrong they look great.

    I was just so happy to be there I was grateful the opportunity that they have given me sadly I got declined however is not the end of the world because I can go back and I can do another shoot and I will succeed eventually if I just try hard enough and change the things that was wrong with the shoot or wrong with myself.

    If I was to go back and do another shoot I would definitely go with ur as they were so nice to me and made me feel really comfortable and great within myself that,that is the company I would like to be working with to be working towards my dreams.

  4. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had the most greatest experience with ur models. I had arrived a little late and somebody else has taken my slot for my shoot but that was ok because they told me to come back in an hour and a half and they can fit me in then.

    So I decided to go shopping I went to the Apple Store bought the new iPhone proper spoilt myself for a change set that up that took about an hour and then I decided I was going to go and get something to eat so after that i then headed towards the studio.

    When I arrived at the Studio I filled in some paperwork and then I got sent to the makeup artist and then the hair stylist and shortly after I moved on to go in and getting my photos done this was an enjoyable experience.

    I had so much fun do my photos I felt like I could be myself without anybody judging me it is actually quite a good laugh between myself and the photographer some of the poses were pretty cool some of them were quite funny.

    It was quite enjoyable because it wasn’t anything that I was expecting to turn up to I thought it’d be pretty strict it isn’t is quite laid-back but professional and you get treated like a normal human being not like you’re just there to work which was pretty nice.

    As a whole it is a great company with a brilliant atmosphere and I would like to come again. Thank you ur models

  5. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had a very good experience with UR models actually its the best place I’ve been and I’ve been a model for five years now some of the agencies I’ve been too are awful they treat you like rubbish.

    When I went UR models I loved it because I was greeted by a lovely lady. She was nice and made friendly conversation with me which is more than I’ve previously had. It was really nice to feel like the actually wanted me there.

    The building was so lovely clean and bright it instantly made me smile as soon as I walked in. Full of bright colours and happy people. Its the kind of place ice always wanted to be.

    I can’t thank them enough for all there hard work. They have assisted me in getting so far. I now have jobs left right and center thanks to them. I love what I do now i would never go back to retail.

    Thank you so much UR

  6. Model Advice Centre says:

    Hi my name is Glen and I’m just curious as to how many people are successful at UR models now I asked this because I went today and I had a severely good time I really really enjoyed myself however for some reason I wasn’t accepted, I wasn’t good enough and I didn’t get the job and this had me a little bit hacked off.

    If I’m being honest with you I feel like I did everything right I did my poses right I have a makeup on point you’re my hair was styled nicely I I did everything that was asked of me yet still got declined how is that fair I turn up wanting to make a career for myself and just get shot down how am I supposed to improve it.

    I have asked for feedback and I did receive that feedback which I’m very grateful for I just think it was a load of crap and that I’m probably one of the best models have had but they just can’t see that and that’s not down to me that’s down to them if they don’t realise that there is something good standing in front of them let them lose out.

    I feel like I’m me just going try with another company I’ve seen an advertisement for New York fashion Studios that I think I’m going to try out because I probably have more luck with them but thanks for nothing.

  7. Model Advice Centre says:

    Hi my name is Patrick I’m 57 and I’m from Gloucestershire. I travelled from Gloucestershire to London do you have my test shoot done by UR models it was a pretty nice day the sun was out the trees were just turning with the autumn weather.

    No I know I’m not the nicest looking male in the UK and they were younger healthier lads than me. There are more handsome fellows out there. my daughter thought I was crazy when I applied to do this.

    As she’s a high-end model does catwalks in adverts and stuff she told me I’m never going to be a model and laughed .I just wanted to see what it be like to live in her shoes for a day.

    And I have to say thanks to the experience that UR models gave me I know not the she has an amazing career I loved every inch of my day it was brilliant from my wrinkles Binfield 2 changing outfits and having photos taken I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

    No I don’t want to be a model but I just wanted to see if my daughter was happy in the career that she has and how she feels when she goes and does her jobs and now I know.

    she must feel ecstatic because it’s such an amazing feeling to be pampered and give it all you’ve got and be yourself and to be liked for yourself. It’s an amazing feeling I would recommend UR models to anybody who was thinking about going modelling.

    You are a fabulous company with cool stuff and each and every one of yous have a great Outlook on your job you should be very proud of what you do.

  8. Model Advice Centre says:

    NOT A HAPPYT CLIENT 1 out of 10

    I just like to say how very disappointed I am with UR models. I went in the morning I was having quite a good time gelling with the staff having a laugh.

    having my hair and make-up done pick my outfits for the day and went on my photoshoot had a good laugh with a photographer.

    Everything was going so smoothly the vibes were good I looked on point. so as my day was going so well I thought you know what nothing go wrong for change I’m actually going to have a pretty good day.

    what a load of balls that was false sense of security because as soon as I finish my photoshoot my assessor decided to decline me and tell me that I had to work on my attitude.

    And that I was actually quite rude to some of the people in the studio and I’m not rude I’m just being honest if somebody’s hairs out of place and they look like a mong I’m going to tell them.

    I’m not going to feel bad because I told some bitch at the end of the sofa that she had a really bad body odour issues that she should probably invest her time in a bath instead of polluting everyone else’s air by coming here so because I’m full of honesty they decided to decline me which is fine I’ll just find somewhere else to go I wasn’t looking to be a model with yous anyway.

  9. Model Advice Centre says:

    Hello to the whole team at UR models.
    I Don’t know if you all will remember me.. I’m Sofia I’m 28 and I’ve worked in bars my whole life.

    I’ve always wanted to be something more and that’s when I strolled upon UR models accidentally when I was trying to find a modelling platform.. I wanted help to get into the modelling industry when friends told me a modelling platform was the best route to go down.

    I looked into a couple of places and found ur models which informed me they wasn’t a modelling platform but could help me on my way to the modelling job I’ve always wanted by going for a photo shoot and them using the photographs to make up a portfolio.

    I went 2 months ago and had my makeup and hair done to perfection and finished with a perfect photo shoot which resulted in the perfect portfolio.

    Thanks to everyone in the UR model team as I am now in a job I’ve always wanted I love my modelling job and its all thanks to you all putting 100% in to the job you do!

    All my thanks to the whole team at UR models

  10. Model Advice Centre says:

    I had a really good time at Ur strutting my stuff I own that place like it was my own felt really comfortable right at home.

    I also had a good bit of banter with a photographer that was rather cool like I wasn’t expecting that i was expecting it to be quite quiet and not really much interaction going on. But he got me he understood we had a right good chat just about everyday life but he’s still joined in in the communication. He was ace.

    In fact all the staff were pretty cool pretty laid back but at the same time they were professional I had a really nice assessor called Adam and I got accepted and I cannot wait for further job opportunities and I will snap them up and finally become something.

    Thank you ur models and all their staff you really outdid yourself and making sure I had a pleasant day can’t thank you enough.

    From Zack

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