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The British Model Alliance is an on-line advice service which works to educate aspiring models.

We are part of The British Model Alliance and can give them tips and advice, tell them who to trust and who to avoid.

We can provide advice on all of the UK’s top modelling companies

The modelling industry is vast and very daunting so familiarising yourself with important information means you will be armed with all the tools needed to become a successful model.

Our team dedicates their time to investigating all avenues in the modelling industry and we do this so you can have peace of mind of who to trust and who can help you better you career.

Take a look through our site you will find articles on posing tips, most important tools for becoming a model, scams and how to avoid them and how to pursue your career.

The modelling industry is an exciting one and can be very lucrative, so take a read and prepare yourself for your journey a head.

***SCAM MODELLING AGENCIES*** If you believe you have been the victim of a scam please contact us using the form before for free impartial advice

We are here to help!

if you have a question about a modelling company please use the form below to send us a message.



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